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Synology® announces advanced enterprise features for Active Insight

Bellevue, Wash—12 October 2023—Synology today launched a significant update to Active Insight, its cloud-powered deployment monitoring platform. Aimed at Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and large-scale business clients, the update incorporates a more streamlined interface, ransomware detection capabilities, and a simplified pricing structure, all intended to enhance the monitoring and management of large-scale deployments.

"In large-scale deployments, it's difficult for IT teams to consistently stay on top of potential performance and security issues," said Hanna Yeh, product manager for Active Insight. "Our latest update to Active Insight provides new visualization options that spotlight critical deployment metrics and introduces advanced monitoring and protection features. With updated pricing plans, we're making it even more accessible for organizations to try out Active Insight today."

Streamlined fleet management

Enterprise and MSP IT teams will benefit from Active Insight's enhanced user interface, which focuses on improving clarity and information density. Refreshed overview and host pages can simultaneously display more systems and their stats, balanced with more explicit actionable notifications. Expanded sorting and filtering options simplify monitoring and troubleshooting on a per-site basis. 

Proactive protection

With new real-time file monitoring, Active Insight can detect and respond to suspicious access patterns, such as those generated by ransomware attacks. When an incident is detected, Active Insight will immediately notify administrators and can further minimize data loss by taking a system-wide snapshot. 

Free for up to three devices

Active Insight's new pricing structure offers three complimentary licenses with unrestricted feature access, allowing a more thorough evaluation without any added cost. When ready to scale out, organizations can easily add additional licenses on a per-device basis.

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