Odyssey House Louisiana

Odyssey House Louisiana has benefitted from Synology via an integrated camera, door controller, and employee security management system that is state of the art. It has eliminated the camera lag/sync time we had previously experienced. We are also now able to remote in, save files, and provide months of footage history, allowing us to ensure quality video monitoring. The Synology system has been a great tool for our agency. Arvin Singh, Chief Operations Officer

The Company

Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL) is a non-profit behavioral health care provider with an emphasis on addiction treatment. Established in 1973, their mission is to provide holistic and client-centered services in a safe environment that address the full continuum of special care needs for the state of Louisiana.

The Challenge

As one might imagine, a rehabilitation center's security is of upmost importance. Cameras must be present in every room and corridor. Access must be restricted and monitored continuously without downtime. Due to the nature of footage being recorded, extra care must be taken to protect the privacy of all data

Their previous camera setup consisted of various standalone DVRs coupled with proprietary cameras, and had a history of random service interruptions which impeded treatment operations. In the event of such a failure, Odyssey staff would have to shut down the area to diagnose and repair the malfunctioning hardware. Since there typically wasn't a way to backup recordings or settings of the standalone systems, data loss often occurred along with extended downtime if the necessary hardware wasn't already on hand.

The Solution

In 2019, Odyssey decided to construct a new state-of-the-art treatment center in New Orleans, Louisiana. To facilitate the project, Odyssey selected SysCom, an MSP specializing in providing network administration and IT solutions to a wide range of industries including healthcare, legal, and marketing.  

After careful review of the challenges surrounding Odyssey's current state of operations, Syscom recommended Synology, calling it a clear choice and an agnostic solution that "plays well with others".

The new treatment center which included surveillance and entry-controlled doorways opened to the public in October 2019 equipped with three RS18017xs+ units. The first two units control a total of 59 surveillance cameras each while the third unit stores surveillance and VM backups continuously using Active Backup for Business. The third unit also provides failover support to keep everything functional in the case of a disaster. All 118 cameras and 22 door controllers can now be managed over the network using Surveillance Station

The Benefits

With the new campus complete and infrastructure installed, Odyssey now has the ability to manage all surveillance cameras and access points—all from one centralized location. To stay abreast of the huge campus, the staff uses Action Rules which automatically trigger based on predefined security events such a door unlocking or a camera turning off. In the event of an outage or unauthorized access attempt text and email alerts are sent to appropriate staff members in real-time. 

Staff members on the go can now receive these alerts and log in using their existing Active Directory accounts. Once logged in, designated staff can instantly review footage from any of the 118 cameras and 22 door controllers, enabling a faster response time to emergency incidents.

Overall, Odyssey's new configuration from SysCom has resulted in greater operational efficiency and tighter security in a precarious environment where safety is critical to patient recovery.

Recommended Models

  • RS18017xs+ × 3

Recommended Features

  • Central Management System (CMS) to streamline multi-site surveillance deployments
  • User and Group permissions with Active Directory Domain
  • Automated surveillance of doors and cameras using real-time alerts
  • Timeline Smart Search to locate footage quickly
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