"C2 Transfer's interface is simple and intuitive, allowing easy and secure file sharing. Implementing the service allows us to track file download progress in real-time, while also aiding our company's compliance with cyber security regulations."

Sih Sîng-hông, CEO, ÌTHUÂN KHOKI

The Company

Founded in 2017, ÌTHUÂN KHOKI is a professional language technology company specializing in Taiwanese language and other indigenous language AI products and related information services. Their offerings include custom language corpora, speech recognition, machine translation, and more. Their clientele primarily consists of government agencies, and their scope of operations involves developing and maintaining tools such as Taiwanese language dictionaries and providing dictionary search functionalities for government websites.

The Challenge

In the face of the 2021 amendments to Taiwan's Cyber Security Management Act, particularly Article 4, ÌTHUÂN KHOKI realized that participating in government projects required ensuring internal information security compliance. This was especially crucial when dealing with sensitive data and confidential content. However, their previous methods of utilizing cloud folders and email attachments to transmit and receive files carried inherent security risks.

Historically, utilizing cloud folders for file transmission could lead to data leaks. Due to the relatively limited security controls of cloud folders, unintentional sharing, external access, or system vulnerabilities could result in information leakage. Additionally, using email attachments, while convenient, made them susceptible to malicious attacks, such as interception of emails or attachments with malware, potentially leading to sensitive data leakage or theft.

Faced with these potential security risks, ÌTHUÂN KHOKI urgently needed a more secure and trustworthy file transmission method to ensure their internal information remained safeguarded from external threats. This was a key factor in their decision to adopt Synology C2 Transfer service. With its robust encryption technology and security mechanisms, this service offers a higher level of protection, ensuring that sensitive information is secure during transmission and compliant with international ISO 27001 information security management standards.

The Solution

Security and compliance

To address the challenge of information security compliance, ÌTHUÂN KHOKI found a reliable solution in Synology C2 Transfer service. Through C2 Transfer, ÌTHUÂN KHOKI can securely transmit their internal confidential data. Data exchange among colleagues working remotely is also secured. Moreover, during regular audits conducted by a German certification body, C2 Transfer's security features enable ÌTHUÂN KHOKI to confidently share internal sensitive information.
To comply with government-mandated cyber security standards, they integrated C2 Transfer into their internal security framework, ensuring that all sensitive data transmissions are aligned with the standards. They also increased their employees' awareness of information security by ensuring that the staff member is correctly utilizing this secure file transmission service.

Enhanced security and reliability

C2 Transfer serves as a pivotal tool for secure and reliable file transmission at ÌTHUÂN KHOKI. Mainly used for sending documents, PDF files and other files, C2 Transfer is prioritizedwhen dealing with confidential content. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data throughout the transfer. They would upload the files to C2 Transfer and then share via download links. While email communication brings convenience, it also ensures that access to shared files is restricted only to specified recipients. In addition, the share links expire after a specified time, relieving ÌTHUÂN KHOKI from the additional burden of tracking externally transmitted sensitive data.

Centralized management of client files

Moreover, the previous practice of receiving files through cloud folders often led to scattered files across different locations. C2 Transfer's file request feature enables them to securely and conveniently solicit files from clients. This function also facilitates centralized management of received files through C2 Transfer.

The Benefits

The integration of Synology C2 Transfer has brought forth a range of pivotal advantages for ÌTHUÂN KHOKI. Foremost, it has enabled seamless compliance with rigorous cyber security standards. The ISO 27001 certification further fortifies their information security measures, allowing them to confidently engage in government projects and make significant contributions to the preservation and promotion of Taiwan's linguistic and cultural heritage.