Electronic Sports League (ESL)

The preservation of large amounts of data with the appropriate storage is always a critical challenge. With the Synology RS3411RPxs storage system, we have found the powerful and cost-effective add-on to our IT infrastructure. Thomas Pöhler

The Company

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is the largest and most important gaming league in Europe with 3,000,000 registered members and more than 740,000 registered teams. Founded by Turtle Entertainment GmbH in 2000, ESL offers platforms to over 3,500 leagues and games of any genre to participate in. Currently, there are almost 400,000 matches being played per month. The official website enjoys more than 1.6 million unique visitors monthly.

In-house technicians spend most of their working hours on IT infrastructure operation. Therefore it is important to optimize the work process. This calls for a hardware that is stable, reliable, and with maximum uptime.

The Challenge

Since its foundation, the ESL platform has continued to grow with more than 1,500 daily registered new users. Vast amount of data is involved to ensure correct match result can be generated. The storage and delivery of data at such amount would demand for exceptional hardware performance. ESL used to store game results and all data in fiber-channel based storage device. The delicate FC network caused high costs for maintenance and operation. The additional rented NAS server was also the expense they would want to save on.

The Solution

The ESL has implemented the Synology RS3411RPxs into the existing network infrastructure. The integrated storage system allows ESL to choose the more cost-efficient NAS server over fiber channel infrastructures. In addition to the many features that cater to enterprise sector, the RS3411RPxs offers one thing among all: the enormous storage capacity. The server provides up to 30TB capacity of data storage. It has four gigabit LAN ports with a throughput over 1,000MB/sec and 100,000+ IOPS (for optional 10GbE card). Additional expansion units can be added to the original storage seamlessly. The expansion process does not affect existing volume at all.

The Benefits

ESL has integrated the Synology RS3411RPxs as the perfect storage for user-generated data. Much to their satisfaction, this is also a solution with many enterprise features that ensures maximum uptime and high performance. The new NAS server helped ESL to cut down infrastructure spending efficiently. The built-in NFS server makes the purchase of additional NAS controllers a redundant step, easily saving over 60% of previously incurred costs.

Recommended Models

  • RS3411RPxs
  • RS18016xs+
  • RS18017xs+
  • RS3412RPxs
  • DS3612xs
  • DS3615xs
  • DS3617xs

Recommended Features

  • iSCSI Support
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • NFS Server
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