We chose Synology’s product because it had provided the best solution to the problem, which was unparalleled by any other supplier. Michael Waechter, Managing Director, CRESCO Holding

The Company

CRESCO Holding is a privately held dynamic holding with a selective investment portfolio, the company offers various services ranging from legal consulting, accounting, business setup and compliance services as well as its own IT solutions services. CRESCO has offices across the globe in the UAE, the Philippines, Seychelles, Costa Rica and India.


The Challenge

With a wide array of companies, users and locations to cater, CRESCO requires a NAS solution with zero downtime in order to provide constant communication and integration of data securely among the branches. A user friendly chat solution is also required, which allows the staff to share files and communicate in chat rooms for specific projects with privacy and security.


The Solution

Improve productivity with seamless communication & data synchronization

Communication is the key for seamless collaboration between multiple branches. The Synology Chat application is suitable for generic instant messaging and file transfer, while keeping all business information securely administrated under the NAS. Synology offers Chat on both web and mobile interface. Dedicated apps available on iOS and Android allow employees to communicate with each other anytime and anywhere. 

Employees at Cresco can also jump into video chats with colleagues across different departments and branches thanks to Chat's webhook integration capability. JumpChat, a 3rd-party online video conferencing application, can be launched directly from Chat for video conferences. 

Apart from having a secure and private communication platform, Synology also makes seamless data synchronization from the headquarters to branch offices possible. By utilizing Cloud Station ShareSync, the primary server RS3617RPxs located at the headquarter in UAE synchronizes its data with the 2 units of DS216+ in Cebu (Philippines) and Seychelles, where local employees can have up-to-date data synced in real time. 

Ensure robust data protection and disaster recovery with offsite backup 

All crucial company data from the primary server RS3617RPxs can be backed up to the offsite secondary server RS2212RP+ at a different office by setting up reliable scheduled and versioned backup task via Hyper Backup. Hyper Backup provides block-level incremental backup and cross-version deduplication which drastically reduce the storage required for multi-version backup while preserving as many recovery points as needed. In the event of a disaster at the primary site, all data and system configuration can be restored from the secondary server to ensure data availability. 

"We're happy to see how Synology Chat allows our employees around the globe to work unitedly. Synology NAS has been in use in our company since 2007 with hardly any problems occurred. Cloud Station ShareSync and Hyper Backup work perfectly in our multi-branch setup. We chose Synology's product because it had provided the best solution to the problem, which was unparalleled by any other supplier." Michael Waechter, Managing Director, CRESCO Holding.

Recommended Models

  • RS3617RPxs
  • RS2212RP+
  • DS216+

Recommended Features

  • Chat allows employees to communicate through instant message with privacy and security.
  • Cloud Station ShareSync provides seamless data sync among multiple remote Synology NAS servers.
  • Hyper Backup supports incremental backup and cross-version deduplication to optimize storage utilization.
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