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Synology Logo Guide

Synology Inc. is known for developing accessible, easy-to-use solutions for homes and businesses to facilitate their data storage and sharing needs. The logo of "Synology" is an important visual tool that allows customers to easily identify Synology's products and its compatibility with third-party products. This Synology Logo Guide will help you understand how to use the logo of “Synology” properly.

Requirements for third-party usage of the "Synology" logo

The "Synology" logo can be used only for the purpose of marketing and promotion of Synology's products or for showing a product’s compatibility or optimization with Synology’s products, if the requirements set forth in this Guide are complied. Please be advised that any use of the “Synology” logo that does not comply with this Guide would probably constitute a trademark infringement.

For the above purposes and upon compliance with the terms of this Guide, the "Synology" logo may be used on marketing materials, websites and etc. to promote or advertise products or peripherals that are compatible or optimized to work with Synology products, technologies, or services.

Terms of use

By using the "Synology" logo, you agree to the Synology Terms of Use, the guidelines included in this Synology Logo Guide, and all Synology rules and policies, as may be updated from time to time. You also acknowledge that Synology is the sole owner of the “Synology” logo and Synology's trademarks, promise not to interfere with or infringe Synology's rights in them, and acknowledge that goodwill derived from their use accrues only to Synology. Synology may review use of any materials with the “Synology” logo at any time and reserves the right to terminate or modify any such use.

This Guide does not grant any license to use any other Synology's trademarks, trade names, marks or logos other than the "Synology" logo. Without any written permission from Synology, any use of either of them or any use of the “Synology” logo beyond this Guide requires a written permission from Synology in advance.

The Synology logo

The "Synology" logo consists of the word Synology as illustrated below.

The Synology logo

Figure 1: The official Synology logo.

Clear space

The "Synology" logo should be framed by an ample amount of clear space to ensure clarity and separate it from text, images, and other design elements. The clear space should be equal to the "S" in the logo.

Clear space

Figure 2: A proper amount of clear space should surround the Synology logo.

Logo variations

The ideal representation of the "Synology” logo includes a mixture of gray and black text, as illustrated below. This version of the Synology logo should be used whenever possible. However, when placing the logo against different color backgrounds, you may consider using the all-gray, all-black, or all-white versions below, in order to optimize contrast and clarity.

Figure 3: Use one of the above color variations to maintain clarity.

In third-party marketing material

The "Synology" logo should not be used in any manner that expresses or might imply Synology's sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of a third-party brand or product.

In third-party marketing material

Figure 4: The Synology logo should not be used in any manner that might imply Synology's endorsement of a third-party brand or product.

Maintain visual consistency

Do not modify or dilute the "Synology" logo by adjusting its opacity; rotating or flipping it; separating its elements; adding borders or other effects; adding other text or marks; or altering it in any other way.

Maintain visual consistency

Figure 5: Please maintain visual consistency and do not modify the Synology logo.

Credit attribution

Always display the following statement when using the "Synology" logo: “The “Synology” logo are trademarks of Synology, Inc., registered in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and other regions.”

Synology in writing

You may wish to write about Synology and its products on your website or marketing communication. When doing so, please follow the guidelines below.

Please do:

  • Capitalize the "S" in “Synology.”
  • Capitalize the “D” and “S” in "DiskStation" and capitalize "R" and "S" in "RackStation".
  • Write “DiskStation” and “RackStation” as one word.
  • Separate and capitalize the names of Synology add-on packages. For example, “Photo Station,” “Audio Station,” “Surveillance Station.”
  • For mobile apps, separate and write the second word in lower case. For example, “DS audio,” “DS video,” “DS photo.”
  • Use the term “Synology NAS” or “Synology NAS servers” when referring to our products in general

Please don't:

  • Write anything derogatory about Synology or its products.
  • Pluralize the word "NASes". Instead, write “NAS servers” or “NAS devices.”

For more information about the use of the “Synology” logo, please contact