Installing DSM

IMPORTANT: Please read the following before installing this beta software.

  1. For evaluation only - This beta software is for evaluation purposes only and should not be installed on critical equipment or in production environments. We strongly recommend reading the Release notes section before installing it. Synology cannot be held responsible for any damages, such as accidental data loss, caused by this beta software.

  2. Not downgradable - After installation of this beta application, you will not be able to downgrade to a previous official version of this software.

To install the beta software on your Synology NAS
  1. Visit Applied Models to download the latest DSM update to your local computer.
  2. Enter Control Panel > Update & Restore > Click Manual DSM Update to enter Manual DSM Update Page.
  3. Click Browse to select the update file.
  4. Click Apply to start to update your DSM. The system will reboot automatically when the update completes.
  5. You can go to Support Center from main menu to help us out and report any issues or suggestions.
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Download DSM

Applied Models

Release notes

Compatibility and Installation

  1. DSM 6.1 RC can only be installed on Synology products running DSM 6.0. Before starting, please log in to DSM and go to Control Panel > Update & Restore to install the latest DSM.
  2. Ended support for Time Backup and HiDrive Backup since DSM 6.1.
  3. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any third-party packages which were not developed by Synology.
  4. The desktop search widget “Search Now” does not support accessibility.
  5. The file indexing service in Control Panel has been moved to the preference settings in Synology Universal Search. Manual re-indexing is required for all files after upgrading to DSM 6.1.
  6. File Station requires manual installation on EDS14 launched for the first time.
  7. Due to infrastructure update, packages will need re-initialization after upgrading to DSM 6.1. The process will occupy a higher CPU usage and can take up to an hour depending on the number of packages installed.
  8. Directory Server must be disabled before the upgrade if the server is running on a High Availability cluster.
  9. Because of the extended Btrfs file system support, Snapshot Replication package is modularized on the following models. Manual installation of the package is required to browse the previously taken iSCSI LUN snapshots:
    • Applied models: RS2212+, RS2212RP+, DS1812+, DS1512+, RS812+, RS812RP+, DS412+, DS713+, DS1513+, DS1813+, DS2413+, RS2414+, RS2414RP+, RS814+

What’s New in DSM 6.1 Beta

  1. Extended Btrfs File System Coverage

    • Btrfs file system is now available on more Synology NAS models. Enjoy the powerful features of the next-generation file system.
    • Applied models:
      • 17-series: RS3617xs+, RS3617xs, RS3617RPxs, DS3617xs
      • 16-series: RS18016xs+, RS2416+, RS2416RP+, DS916+, DS416play, DS716+II, DS716+, DS216+II, DS216+
      • 15-series: RC18015xs+, DS3615xs, DS2415+, DS1815+, DS1515+, RS815+, RS815RP+, DS415+
      • 14-series: RS3614xs+, RS3614xs, RS3614RPxs, RS814RP+, RS814+, RS2414RP+, RS2414+
      • 13-series: RS10613xs+, RS3413xs+, DS1813+, DS1513+, DS713+, DS2413+
      • 12-series: DS3612xs, RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs, RS2212+, RS2212RP+, DS1812+, DS1512+, RS812+, RS812RP+, DS412+
      • 11-series: DS3611xs, RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs,
  2. File Self-Healing

    • File self-healing on Btrfs file system now supports volumes with SSD read-write cache. Added support for detecting and repairing silent data corruption when Synology NAS meets the following criteria:
      • Running Btrfs file system
      • Built on RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, or non-1 disk SHR
  3. Account Protection

    • More effective way to guard against brute-force attack
      • Users can set up the number of failed login attempts from trusted or untrusted devices within the specified time period.
  4. Extended RAID F1 Support

    • RAID F1 is now available on more Synology NAS models to take advantage of the new RAID type designed for all flash.
    • Applied models:
      • 17-series: FS3017, RS3617xs+, RS3617xs, RS3617RPxs, DS3617xs
      • 16-series: RS18016xs+
      • 15-series: RC18015xs+, DS3615xs
      • 14-series: RS3614xs+, RS3614xs, RS3614RPxs
      • 13-series: RS10613xs+, RS3413xs+

What’s New in Packages

  1. Active Directory Server
    • Active Directory Server provides Active Directory (AD) domain service powered by Samba. It supports commonly used Active Directory features such as user accounts, group memberships, domain-joining Windows, Linux and Synology DSM, Kerberos-based authentication, and group policies. This makes it easier to manage computers and devices running Synology DSM, Linux, Windows, and deploy Windows applications.
    • Applied models:
      • 17-series : RS3617xs+, RS3617xs, RS3617RPxs, DS3617xs
      • 16-series : RS18016xs+, RS2416+, RS2416RP+, DS916+, DS716+II, DS716+, DS216+II, DS216+
      • 15-series : RC18015xs+, DS3615xs, DS2415+, DS1815+, DS1515+, RS815+, RS815RP+, DS415+
      • 14-series : RS3614xs+, RS3614xs, RS3614RPxs, RS2414+, RS2414RP+, RS814+, RS814RP+
      • 13-series : DS2413+, RS10613xs+, RS3413xs+, DS1813+, DS1513+, DS713+
      • 12-series : RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs, RS2212+, RS2212RP+, DS1812+, DS1512+, RS812+, RS812RP+, DS412+, DS712+
      • 11-series : DS3611xs, DS2411+, RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs, RS2211+, RS2211RP+, DS1511+, DS411+II, DS411+
      • Others: VirtualDSM, DockerDSM
  2. Directory Server
    • Added support of password self-service recovery by sending password reset email to the users.
  3. Apache Server 2.4
    • Added support for Apache 2.4 in Web Station.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where users might fail to customize wallpapers.
  2. Fixed an issue where users might fail to manually update DSM patch on Internet Explorer 10.
  3. Fixed an issue where the download events might not display properly in Log Center when files are shared to DSM users by the admin.
  4. Fixed an issue where third-party packages (e.g., WordPress) might render incorrect PHP content after the update of Web Station from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0.
  5. Other minor bugs fixed.