Synology NAS servers are a robust, reliable & adaptable server solution that has allowed us to work remotely and in sync across studios. Manu Surfget - ASQO IT Consultant

The Company

AQSO is an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers and problem solvers dedicated to contemporary architecture, design, urban planning and research. Founded in 2008, the company has developed projects in 15 countries from their three locations, Madrid, London and Beijing. We are driven by curiosity & experimentation, the office has developed an analytical, creative & collaborative method in the search of new standards, becoming well-known for their innovative designs.

The Challenge

Because of the international character of the company, there has been always a demand for a synchronised system to make large files available across teams on different locations.

The company tested many different systems in the early years but without a centralised server, solution files were usually misplaced, information was spread across multiple devices and it was very difficult to maintain consisting filing standards. None of the tested systems were able to provide a multilingual and multi-platform self-hosted solution.

Our industry requires a fast-paced team environment where information can be efficiently transferred between consultants, stakeholders and clients, especially during the construction phases of a project. With teams travelling and working remotely from site, we soon realised that on top of way of storing and transferring information between offices, we also needed a solid, cost-effective and low-maintenance system that every team member can access on the go.

The Solution

Our team in China learned about Synology from other companies using the system and we soon realised it was the NAS product we needed.

We started with two DiskStations, one in Spain and one in China and we soon extended the network with other units for backups and satellite offices. Our main DiskStations synchronise files across offices, while team members connect to their closest server with Cloud Station on laptops, tablets and phones.

The Benefits

The AQSO teams are not only able to access files on the go, but also share folders containing large files with consultants and clients.

We have also implemented an intranet hosted in the DiskStations, including database of clients, time-sheets and resources that can be shared between offices.

Synology has provided a cost-effective solution that works across the globe and can be easily maintained remotely. We have also started to use other packages such as VPN Server, Hyper Backup and more recently MailPlus.

Recommended Models

  • DS1517+
  • DS1515 × 2
  • DS918+
  • DS214play × 3

Recommended Features

  • MailPlus
  • VPN Server
  • Cloud Station
  • Mobile Apps
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