Handle growing data storage demands with ease



Up to 2.1 PB with 8 x RX1223RP expansion units



Over 6,500/4,000 MB/s sequential read/write1



Optional 25/40GbE or Fibre Channel connectivity

On-demand storage expansion

The SA6400 scales up flexibly whenever your data demands do. Accommodate up to 9 times the original capacity by adding 12-bay RX1223RP expansion units as your deployment grows.

Over10,000/6,200 MB/sread/write after expansion2

Up to8expansion units

RX1223RP unitsdirectly connectto SA6400

On-demand storage expansion

Built for high reliability

The SA6400 is designed with built-in redundancies to keep mission-critical services running, even when disaster strikes.

Out-of-band (OOB) management
Redundant power supply

Advanced networking options

The SA6400 has the flexibility to accommodate different operating environments.

Built-in fast connectivity

Two 10GbE RJ-45 ports provide rapid transfer speeds right out of the box.

Configurable networking options

Add up to 2 extra 10GbE SFP+/RJ-45, 25GbE SFP28, or Fibre Channel ports in varying configurations.3

Failover and network balancing

Bond multiple network interfaces with Link Aggregation to enable automatic network failover and load balancing.

Advanced networking options

Versatile data storage and business application platform

Provide easy access to business data, consolidate digital assets, or host cost-efficient business solutions.

Flexible file server

Flexible file server

Flexible file server
Central backup server

Central backup server

Central backup server
Business application platform

Business application platform

Business application platform

Flexible file server

Take advantage of the SA6400’s high storage capacity and expansion capability to host large amounts of data on a central repository. Provide user-friendly access to business data and set up powerful cross-site syncing to empower remote and multi-site collaboration.

A private cloud suite for file sharing

Empower your entire organization with a streamlined ability to access, share, and sync data from anywhere. Provide employees with access to corporate files through mobile apps, desktop clients, and a browser-based interface. Set granular file and folder access and sharing permissions. Maintain a full overview of file activities and track file share settings changes with detailed records in the Synology Drive Admin Console. Learn more

SMB/NFS implementation at scale

Leverage SMB or NFS protocols to provide efficient access to company files over the local network or VPN. Manage data access privileges with access control lists (ACL) through Active Directory/LDAP integration and protect files against tampering, loss, or removal with built-in snapshot technology.

Private cloud

Secure site-to site file and folder syncing

Make sure branches always have up-to-date copies of crucial documents and data available locally by syncing Synology systems one or two-way using Synology Drive ShareSync. Have files updated across locations each time there is a change to efficiently keep all stakeholders on the same page. Learn more

Efficient cross-site syncing through the cloud

Boost syncing speeds, cut bandwidth use, and reduce your storage footprint by leveraging the powerful connectivity of our data centers. Synology Hybrid Share intelligently synchronizes data to Synology devices.4 Large or less frequently accessed files are stored on the cloud to reduce local storage requirements, while frequently used files are stored on local devices to provide users access at LAN speeds. Learn more

Cross-site syncing

Central backup server

Back up PCs, servers, Synology systems, SaaS data, and VMs, and back up your backup servers themselves with a scalable central storage solution.

Bare-metal PC, server, and VM backup

Securely back up Windows clients and servers, Linux endpoints, Synology systems, and VMware® and Hyper-V® virtual machines to the SA6400 with Active Backup for Business. Manage them through a centralized management console and choose between bare-metal or file-level restoration. Built-in data deduplication maximizes storage efficiency. Learn more

SaaS protection with local backups

Protect Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts by maintaining complete offline copies of your crucial information and configurations with Active Backup for Microsoft 365 and Active Backup for Google Workspace.

Back up Windows and Linux endpoints

Backup destination for shares and LUNs

Use Hyper Backup to back up files, LUNs, installed applications, and system configurations from tens or hundreds of Synology servers to your SA6400. Set and forget backup tasks with regular schedules, enhance security with fine-grained user permissions and encryption, reduce backup sizes with built-in deduplication, and restore data flexibly with multi-versioning. Learn more

Snapshot Replication enables configurable point-in-time snapshots of shared folders and LUNs with an RPO as low as 5 minutes and recovery within seconds. Learn more

Bare-metal backup for Synology systems

Manage bare-metal backups of all your Synology servers from a single centralized console on the SA6400. Leverage built-in deduplication technology to reduce backup sizes while multi-versioning provides flexible restoration options.

Back up Synology storage systems

Business application platform

Host cost-efficient business solutions, either through containers, virtual machines, or Synology DiskStation (DSM)’s own solutions, including a powerful free backup suite, a versatile mail server, and a surveillance VMS with transparent licensing.

Collaboration in a secure cloud

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and slides together with your whole team in real time. Easily migrate existing documents from other platforms and take ownership of your files in a secure private cloud. Learn more

Synology’s private cloud mail solution provides ease of use, full data ownership, and robust data security with a low total cost of ownership thanks to its perpetual licensing model. Learn more

Keep teams connected through encrypted one-on-one private chats, public channels, and group conversations. Efficiently organize discussions with bookmarks, searchable hashtags, and chatbots. Learn more

Synology productivity solutions

Application test environment

Run Docker containers and VMs on SA6400 using Docker and Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)5 — a hypervisor for virtualized versions of Windows®, Linux®, and DSM — to safely test and evaluate applications.

Virtual DSM serves as a test environment for package updates or to add an additional layer of security between applications, systems, and data. Learn more

Containerization and virtualization-ready

Centralized monitoring and management

Stay on top of your fleet and keep it in optimal condition with our cloud and DSM-based monitoring and management solutions.

Central Management System (CMS)

Central Management System (CMS)

Conveniently manage your fleet of Synology systems from a centralized console.

Learn more

Active Insight

Active Insight

A powerful cloud-based platform for monitoring performance, backup status, login activity and performing lightweight management tasks.

Learn more

Synology has you covered

Synology has you covered

The SA6400 is backed by Synology's 5-year limited warranty,6 including technical support and hardware replacement services to maximize your return on investment and ensure continued high-quality performance. Learn more

Performance backed by Synology drives

Engineered to handle intensive 24/7 workloads, Synology drives consistently deliver top-grade performance.

img enterprise-hatimg enterprise-satimg enterprise-snv3500


productSA6400front view photo
productSA6400back view photo
  • 1Power Button and Indicator
  • 2Status Indicator
  • 3Alert Indicator
  • 4Mute Button
  • 5Drive Status Indicators
  • 6Drive Trays
  • 7Rail Kit Release Tabs
  • 8PSU Fans
  • 9Power Ports
  • 10PSU Indicators
  • 11Expansion Ports
  • 12PCIe Expansion Slots
  • 13Reset Button
  • 14Console Port
  • 15Management Port
  • 16USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports
  • 171GbE RJ-45 ports
  • 1810GbE RJ-45 ports


  1. Performance figures are obtained through internal testing by Synology. Actual performance may vary depending on the testing environment, usage, and configuration. See performance charts for more information.

  2. Figures are from SA6400 running DSM 7.2 with 128GB of RAM, 2 x E25G21-F2 25GbE NICs, 12 x SAT5210-960G SSDs in 2 x RAID 6 volumes, and 3 x RX1223RP expansion units each with 12 x SAT5210-960G SSDs in RAID 6 volumes. Actual performance may vary depending on hardware and software configuration, workload, and testing environment.

  3. For the most up-to-date list of compatible NICs, please check our compatibility list.

  4. C2 Storage for Hyper Backup and Hybrid Share requires purchase of an eligible annual or monthly subscription. A free trial is available for each newly registered device.

  5. Certain advanced features require Virtual Machine Manager Pro. One Virtual DSM license is included. Additional Virtual DSM instances require the purchase of Virtual DSM Licenses.

  6. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase as stated on your purchase receipt. Visit for more information.

Hardware Specifications
CPU Model AMD EPYC 7272
CPU Quantity 1
CPU Core 12
CPU Architecture 64-bit
CPU Frequency 2.9 (base) / 3.2 (turbo) GHz
Hardware Encryption Engine
System Memory 32 GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM
Memory Module Pre-installed 32 GB (32 GB x 1)
Total Memory Slots 16
Maximum Memory Capacity 1024 GB (64 GB x 16)
  • Synology reserves the right to replace memory modules with the same or higher frequency based on supplier's product life cycle status. Rest assured that the compatibility and stability have been strictly verified with the same benchmark to ensure identical performance.
  • Please select Synology memory modules for optimum compatibility and reliability. Synology will not provide complete product warranty or technical support if non-Synology memory modules are used for memory expansion.
  • Installing memory modules with differing capacities is not recommended. Check the Hardware Installation Guide of your Synology product for recommended memory configurations.
Drive Bays 12
Maximum Drive Bays with Expansion Unit 108 (RX1223RP x 8)
Compatible Drive Type* (See all supported drives)
  • 3.5" SATA HDD
  • 2.5" SATA SSD
Hot Swappable Drive*
  • Synology only guarantees full functionality, reliability, and performance for Synology drives listed on the compatibility list. The use of non-validated components may limit certain functionality and result in data loss and system instability.
  • "Compatible drive type" indicates drives that have been tested to be compatible with Synology products. This term does not indicate the maximum connection speed of each drive bay.
External Ports
External Ports
RJ-45 1GbE LAN Port 4
RJ-45 10GbE LAN Port 2
Out-of-Band Management LAN Port 1
Max. Number of LAN Ports 15
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port* 2
Expansion Port 8
Expansion Port Type Mini-SAS HD
Notes The USB 3.0 standard was renamed to USB 3.2 Gen 1 by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in 2019.
PCIe Expansion 2 x Gen3 x8 slots (x8 link)
Form Factor (RU) 2U
Size (Height x Width x Depth) 88 mm x 482 mm x 724 mm
Weight 16.5 kg
Rack Installation Support* 4-post 19" rack (Synology Rail Kit - RKS-02)
Notes The rail kit is sold separately
System Fan 80 mm x 80 mm x 4 pcs
Fan Speed Mode
  • Full-Speed Mode
  • Cool Mode
  • Quiet Mode
Easy Replacement System Fan
Power Recovery
Noise Level* 55.5 dB(A)
Scheduled Power On / Off
Wake on LAN / WAN
Power Supply Unit / Adapter 550 watts
Redundant Power Supply
AC Input Power Voltage 100V to 240V AC
Power Frequency 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption 180.5 watts (Access)
88.56 watts (HDD Hibernation)
British Thermal Unit 615.89 BTU/hr (Access)
302.18 BTU/hr (HDD Hibernation)
  • For more information on how power consumption is measured, refer to this article.
  • Noise testing was conducted with the Synology system fully installed with Synology SATA SSDs and in an idle state. Two G.R.A.S. type 40AE microphones were placed at a 1 m distance from the front and rear of the device. Background noise: 16.49-17.51 dB(A); Temperature: 24.25-25.75˚C; Humidity: 58.2-61.8%.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-5°F to 140°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH
  • FCC
  • CE
  • BSMI
  • VCCI
  • RCM
  • UKCA
  • EAC
  • CCC
  • KC
  • UL
5 Years
Notes The warranty period starts from the purchase date as stated on your purchase receipt. (Learn more)
RoHS Compliant
Packaging Content
Packaging Content
  • Main Unit X 1
  • Accessory Pack X 1
  • AC Power Cord X 2
  • Quick Installation Guide X 1
Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories
Notes All memory modules will operate at the maximum frequency specified by the CPU manufacturer.


  1. Model specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. The figures are based on Synology internal testing. Each performance test is done individually. No other services or applications are processed at the same time.
  3. The actual performance may be lower than lab testing figure due to differences in server configuration, deployment, and the number of active operations.
  4. If usage requirements exceed the specifications above, please contact our regional partners for professional advice.