New Taipei City Government

Since the Provincial administrative city upgrade back in 2010, New Taipei City Government has been dedicating public service to the most considerable amounts of demography among all the cities in Taiwan. In order to accelerate the administration process of public affairs, New Taipei City Government launched Cloud-based File Cabinet System in November, 2011 by adopting Synology's network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, enabling the simple delivery of data and files via network system, which brings about convenient utilizations and more flexibility of back-end system management.

The Challenge

Yong-Huang Kao, Director of Information Center, New Taipei City Government, reported that almost all public sectors face the issue of keeping up with the demand of data storage and file sharing. New Taipei City Government was no exception to this conundrum. The City's out-of-date file system was no longer able to meet the service quality when dealing with emerging service scope. The lack of proper access management also caused users and IT personnel to suffer from data inconsistency. Determined to solve the problem once and for all, Director Kao sought of replacement solutions with the goal to accelerate IT service efficiency.

The Solution

After researching the solutions on the market, New Taipei City decided to implement two sets of Synology RS10613xs+ storage solutions to establish its own private cloud solution. Compared with the original file server, RS10613xs+ not only offers higher C/P value, but also provides intuitive file access approaches. CIFS protocol is not the only way to access files on server. Synology network-attached storage server (NAS) serves as a virtual network drive which is accessible through LAN or through other versatile ways to access the web interface. The free mobile apps, such as DS file, provide supports for tablet PC to enhance file sharing among people. Time and space constraints can be eliminated.

Among all the considered candidates of NAS servers, Synology RS10613xs+ stands out. The network-attached storage server stands out as having the best ability to accommodate the most number of online users. The endorsement from Kao and many other who have used Synology NAS, along with considerable recognitions toward Synology's reliable systems, regular OS updates and dedicated supports, prompted New Taipei City Government to choose Synology NAS server as its file server. 

The implementation of Synology RS10613xs+ has enhanced New Taipei City Government's service capabilities. The device serves as the main file server to staffs of New Taipei City. The web-based File Station is able to accommodate up to 4,000 people online at maximum. "The ease of management toward IT devices is also one of the decisive factors in making purchase decisions. The intuitive interface and multiple management tools provide lower entry barrier and are ideal for enhancing overall system performance," added Kao. While the complicated parameters are unnecessary during Synology NAS server configuration process, the allocations of IT management are made easy. 

All of Synology NAS servers have network backup functionalities. The data on RS10613xs+ is in this way preserved in another NAS, DS3611xs. The backup task is completed with a unique backup features developed by Synology, Time Backup. This application performs regular backups and keeps a collection of backup version. Users are able to restore a selected file or folder into a previous version very easily. The intuitive web interface also has built-in Windows ACL, giving administrators the ability to easily configure up to 13 advanced permission controls directly on the web interface. In addition, DSM offers regular update to enhance management feasibility. 

With the emerging trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in workplace, Synology NAS can be managed through any mainstream mobile device. One is able to monitor storage, launch service from remote sites with mobile control to carry out cloud-based utility and management.

The Benefits

"Before we adopted RS10613xs+, achieving efficient data management on the previous file server was more or less like mission impossible," Kao reflected. "Privilege settings were complicated, proper management was difficult." The adoption of the new file servers was a chance for staff to re-examine their own use of storage resource and understand how to manage their data more efficiently in the future. "The easy management of user privilege to data allows smooth File Cabinet System operations. Team members' work efficiency is also elevated considerably thanks to Synology NAS server's mobile accessibility," Kao added.

New Taipei City Government's adoption of Synology NAS received positive feedback from staff and its sub-sectors. The Information Center plans to expand the storage device for surging amounts of demands, allowing more users to experience the convenience brought by Synology NAS servers.

Recommended Models

  • RS10613xs+
  • DS3611xs

Recommended Features

  • High price/performance ratio; stable and reliable
  • Versatile file sharing capabilities Network back-up and multiple
  • User-friendly management interface
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