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Synology® Introduces Drive 2.0 to Empower Business File Collaboration

Facilitate business data management with secure file syncing and sharing

Taipei, Taiwan—July 15, 2019—Synology Inc. today released Synology Drive 2.0, a major update to its cross-platform collaboration software, bringing enhanced flexibility with on-demand synchronization options and safer file sharing mechanism. The update includes new features in Synology Drive Server and corresponding clients on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and introduces Drive ShareSync, allowing multiple Synology NAS to act as sync clients to Drive Server.

"The way people share, sync, and collaborate on files is one of the key factors that determine business productivity today," said Hans Huang, Product Marketing Manager at Synology. "The brand new Synology Drive 2.0 builds on the success of Cloud Station but goes beyond file syncing and versioning. Designed for businesses with varied workflows and needs, Drive 2.0 is extremely configurable and resource-efficient, and just as safe and easy-to-use as before."

Key features include:

File Syncing
  • On-demand Sync allows files to be downloaded to your Windows 10 computer only upon request to reduce local storage consumption, while keeping the full sync directory up-to-date.
  • Drive ShareSync is able to sync files between multiple NAS devices, facilitating cross-site file collaboration.
PC Backup
  • Back up your PC's files to Synology NAS in real-time via Drive desktop client upon any changes made.
  • Schedule your PC backup task in off-peak hours to avoid network traffic congestion.
File Sharing
  • Share files effortlessly – Create a share link in just a few clicks with a customized domain and more sharing options.
  • Browse content intuitively – PDF Viewer and Document Viewer are supported for you to view the shared files more intuitively.
  • Control sharing safely – Disable download and copy options to protect the shared content.

Synology listens closely to the wide user base of Cloud Station and continues to optimize file syncing and sharing experience to meet the demands of modern businesses.

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