Surveillance Station 8.2.9

Face Recognition, People & Vehicle Detection, Occupancy Monitoring, and Intrusion Detection are now integrated with Centralized Management System (CMS). This allows you to deploy and manage a pool of DVA devices from your CMS host. Each DVA3221 now supports up to 12 deep learning analytics tasks1 up from 6 previously.

People and Vehicle Detection

Spot trespassers — people or vehicles — within set perimeters and alert security personnel of unauthorized access. Refer to Help Article

Monitor on-site occupancy

Get statistical reports

Facial Recognition

Upgrade onsite security by identifying and authenticating specific people

Accurately identify faces from the face database using a powerful deep-learning algorithm with evolving adaptive precision, proven to reach > 97% accuracy2 even in real-world settings.

Instantly identify and record multiple faces simultaneously to keep track of groups of people.

Real-time facial recognition

Track suspicious people caught on video with instant crosschecking of face database and event detection recordings from up to a million results in a few seconds.

Instant face-searching

Create up to 10,000 user profiles and allocate custom profile groups (e.g., Staff, Regular Customers, or Suspects) to different categories (Allowed, VIP, or Blocked) and assign different rules to them, such as triggering notifications when identified shoplifters are detected.

Authentication with customizable face database

Support for more deep learning analytics

DVA3221 now supports up to 12 simultaneous People and Vehicle Detection, People Counting, and Intrusion Detection tasks*

New backup and motion detection options

Flexible options in Hyper Backup

Decide between backing up all recordings in Surveillance Station or merely your settings. Save time and space when restoring settings to a new machine from a backup file with Hyper Backup.

Motion detection by external devices

Set up external devices to trigger Motion Detection in Surveillance Station to supplement the capabilities of your IP cameras. View and manage triggered event recordings more easily and efficiently.

Manage deep learning analytics from CMS

Surveillance Station CMS simplifies management of large-scale surveillance systems on a central platform. DVA3221 deep learning video analytics can now be managed and monitored directly from your CMS host in real time.

Surveillance Station 9.1beta

Build a custom monitoring console, deploy more cameras faster, and secure your environment with new AI features. Try our most comprehensive and advanced surveillance suite to date.


  1. The features described here are available on DVA series models only.

  2. Testing was conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in their Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) under the WILD category (using faces extracted from real-world footage).

  3. Intrusion Detection is limited to six tasks when the feature is enabled for all objects. Learn more

  4. When recording in 4k resolution, the number of deep video analytics tasks is limited to eight.  Learn more