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Synology® announces eight pre-release applications for beta testing

Taipei, Taiwan—October 13, 2016— Synology® Inc. today announced eight pre-release beta applications, inviting beta testers throughout the world to take part in Synology's latest software development.

"We are thrilled to invite passionate beta testers worldwide to help create an optimized user experience for the Synology community," said James Chen, CEO of Synology Inc. "Synology is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to customers by constantly innovating, adding value, and improving product reliability. Valuable feedback and data collected during this beta program will be used to further improve our software and deliver more reliable and better performing apps in our next official release."

New collaboration applications

  • Chat: A messaging application that offers real-time communication, powerful information and data management, and encryption for private channels. Integrating with Calendar and Office, Synology collaboration packages work hand in hand with each other to streamline teamwork.
  • Calendar: Keep track of personal schedules, share calendars with the team, and add new events directly within MailPlus and Chat. Support for CalDAV enables users to synchronize Synology Calendar with iOS and macOS native calendars.
  • Office: Synology Office is a free collaboration application, allowing users to work on documents remotely or on premises. The software is fast and intuitive, built from Synology's years of experience in designing great interfaces.

Refined file syncing and data protection packages

  • Cloud Station: Refinements in file syncing management and a more intuitive backup recovery process simplifies the user experience and process of restoring backed up files or managing servers. The optimized database yields better performance results when managing a large quantity of synced files.  
  • Cloud Sync: In addition to a new interface that reduces management efforts for IT administrators, Cloud Sync offers faster encryption and compression to optimize performance and deliver a smoother experience for users.

Improvements in multimedia packages

  • Photo Station: New communication tools help users collect feedback from other people more efficiently, and new album sharing capabilities make it easier to share large volumes of photos.
  • Audio Station: Enhanced user interface with shortcuts such as pinned albums and automatically generated playlists help users find music with ease, a new music identification tool allows users to update album and track information with just a few clicks, and DSD playback support brings better sound quality
  • Video Station: New parental and privacy control keeps children or other users from viewing certain content, personalized playback options allow users to watch videos the way they want, and video pre-processing ensures better viewing quality.

In addition to this first set of pre-release beta applications, more new products and software packages scheduled to be launched later in the year will be unveiled during Synology 2017, Synology's annual conference held in 16 countries around the world.   

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