Press Releases commented that the Synology DS508 is a damn good NAS!

"Synology's DS508 is a damned nice NAS. And it's probably going to retire a few servers, too." said

Taipei, Taiwan—May 30, 2008—Earlier in April, 2008 Synology® launched the brand-new corporate NAS server, the Disk Station DS508. With the most recent update on, as of May 30, the Disk Station DS508 has topped the NAS performance chart in various categories, giving stronger support for Synology's "New Performance Perspective" theme that was initiated in early 2008.

The Synology Disk Station DS508 is equipped with an 800 MHz CPU and 512MB RAM, while only consuming 8 watts CPU power, thus appealing to corporate performance and green IT needs. According to the review, as of May 29, 2008, "In both the 1000 Mbps RAID 5 large file read and large file write performance tests, the DS508 topped the performance charts with average performance of 40.2 MB/s and 40.1 MB/s respectively." written by Craig Ellison,

"We feel honored about the praise from We will also modestly accept their suggestions and continue improving our products." said Cheen Liao, president of Synology America Corp. "One thing to be sure of is that with the complete package, Synology DS508 and the upcoming higher-end models of Synology will take more place of the PC server ready to be upgraded or retired."

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