Endemol Shine Australia

At Endemol Shine Australia, our productions are often short, remote and relocate without stopping. The flexibility, quick deployment and robust design of the Synology NAS and its software allow us to meet various, evolving workflow needs in the ever-changing production industry. Ben Trinder – Technical Supervisor, Post Production

The Company

Endemol Shine Australia is the largest and most renowned television production brand in Australia. From development, filming, to final network delivery, the Sydney-based production company is devoted to the creation of exciting and popular programs across Australian free-to-air networks and pay TV channels. It's widely acclaimed prime-time shows include MasterChef, The Biggest Loser, Gogglebox, and Australia's Next Top Model.

The Challenge

At Endemol Shine Australia, the post production team has approximately 250 connected Mac-based work stations handling over 1000TB of audio and video media. The media files are constantly turned over across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and even overseas.

To satisfy such massive storage need, the team has been in search of a cloud-ready solution that comes with simple installation and management, has portable design, and supports the backup solution that the team has been used to.


The Solution

Streamlined media archiving

During the making of The Voice in 2012, Endemol Shine Australia needed a new archiving workflow to quickly transfer footage shot remotely in Fox Studio back to their primary facility. It was the first time they deployed Synology. With 2 DiskStation DS1512+, they were satisfied with the quick and effortless deployment process. This positive experience has convinced them to adopt more Synology solutions to bigger productions, such as MasterChef and Australian Survivor, where they previously would have spent a lot of time and effort taking the whole RAID/server combination back to the post production facility.


Powerful disaster recovery plan with 3rd party software support

Endemol Shine Australia later moved forward deploying more Synology NAS servers, including several RackStation and DiskStation, for their upgraded disaster recovery plan, which was previously dominated by LTO tapes. By integrating Archiware, a backup software application already familiar to the team, Endemol Shine can painlessly keep an online spinning copy of media on their Synology NAS for minimized downtime in their workflow.


Secure cloud for remote working

More recently, Endemol Shine Australia has allowed employees living far away from the site to work remotely from the rest of their team. By replicating primary storage across WAN connections using Cloud Station ShareSync, staff working remotely can have the most up-to-date data on their DS3617xs and DS1512+ at home, while achieving seamless collaboration even far away from the office.


A cost-effective option for demanding storage

In addition, the low cost per TB for Synology NAS means that the production team can enable options that were previously out of budget – small teams working independently without the need for big infrastructure as well as keeping bulk media on spinning disk permanently, without having to send it off to LTO and retrieve as needed.

The Deployment

  • Disaster Recovery Storage at the Headquarter office and Local Post Studio: Synology NAS hold copies of media from other Post locations.

  • Portable Storage on location: Synology NAS hold primary footage on location, and as remote storage servers for staff working from home using Cloud Station ShareSync.

  • Archive Storage at Remote Post Studio A: Synology NAS hold media for future access.

  • Transport Storage at Remote Post Studio B: Synology NAS takes copies of bulk media for physical transport to archive data. 

  • Offsite Team Storage at Remote Post Studio C: Synology NAS hold duplicate of primary post storage, synced between each other using Cloud Station ShareSync. 

  • Safety Storage at the Oversea Studio: Synology NAS holds a local copy of all media while air freight takes another copy back to Post.

Recommended Models

  • DS1512+
  • DS2413+
  • RS3614xs
  • DS3615xs
  • DS3617xs

Recommended Features

  • Quick and simple deployment process
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Portable design
  • Archiware backup agent support
  • Cloud Station ShareSync to sync NAS servers
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