Press Enterprise

“Synology solutions offer data and power redundancy that can't be beat by traditional high-cost servers. The combination of business applications, functionality, and ease of manageability makes Synology the perfect fit.” Chris Marcera, System Administrator, Press Enterprise

The Company

Press Enterprise is a daily newspaper and commercial printer with a wide array of printing services available, including: high-speed offset printing, digital printing, large-format printing, and much more. Not only does Press Enterprise serve local news to thousands of local residents daily – their 200+ employees also produce millions of copies of printed materials every week.

The Challenge

With over 200 employees collaborating and working on print materials, Press Enterprise needed a solution for file sharing and mail services to drive design and production workflows, as well as the day-to-day communication. Because their existing solution had been outdated, it was crucial for Press Enterprise to find a new solution to support a wide array of Windows and Mac clients.

Although many companies currently outsource to SaaS, Press Enterprise found that their workflows didn't lend themselves to such services, because transferring large multimedia and design files from public cloud services would be cumbersome due to bandwidth limitations. Additionally, the annual costs of using cloud mail services to replace their existing email server were extremely high. 

The Solution

Press Enterprise began their setup with two RackStation RS3617RPxs units, which satisfied their need for file sharing, email serving, and data backup thanks to Synology's built-in software suite. One unit is used for file storage and sharing, while the other RackStation hosts the company's email service using Synology's own MailPlus software.

Press Enterprise later replaced another outdated server responsible for housing 'cold storage' backups with a Synology RackStation RS815RP+ unit, along with its RX415 storage expansion unit. This proved to cost significantly less than their original archiving solution, thanks to less maintenance and overhead required. From there, all data is also seamlessly synced from the RackStation to AWS for offsite backup.

The Benefits

Press Enterprise found that Synology solutions offered the perfect blend of cost, support, and flexibility while providing a variety of benefits: load balanced access to their servers, recurring 15-minute real-time snapshots for file recovery, daily on-premises and off-site backup, in-depth email configuration options, and most importantly, detailed reporting tools for the entire platform – file usage, mail activity, and security auditing.

Since the company implemented Synology into their production workflow, the built-in snapshots successfully prevented potential loss of work by providing easy backup and recovery. Off-site backup is now consistent, while real-time alerts and reporting keep their IT team notified of issues. Furthermore, the intuitive MailPlus interface allowed the company to tailor which emails they can and cannot receive so that the number of incoming spam email decreased dramatically. Lastly, the addition of the universal indexing service enables both Windows and Mac users to instantly search through terabytes of data to find files with ease.

Recommended Models

  • RS3617RPxs × 2
  • RS815RP+
  • RX415

Recommended Features

  • File Sharing
  • Snapshot Replication
  • MailPlus Server
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