Al Mulla optimizes daily operation and implement a robust 3-2-1 backup strategy with Synology

Synology is very cost-effective, useful and practical. The units have simplified our IT infrastructure, helping us manage files and backup clusters. The simplicity of the 3-2-1 backup approach further reinforces the value Synology brings to our operations.

Mostafa Atta, IT Assistant Manager |  Al Mulla Automotive Group

Synology chosen to ensure business continuity

Having more than 300 users scattered across 10 different branches in Kuwait can cause a backlog of simple IT requests, including access permissions.

With nine physical servers deployed across its divisions, the Al Mulla Automotive team needed a solution that ensured business continuity with reliable backup protection and restoration.

Looking to simplify operations, increase efficiency, and make life easy for all staff, no matter their technological proficiency, Al Mulla Automotive chose to go with Synology.

Synology NAS provides solutions to support future growth

Over two years of deploying Synology NAS, Al Mulla has achieved stable SMB service for their local networks across three offices using six Synology DS1517+ devices configured in three Synology High Availability (SHA) clusters.

Two SHA clusters, each with 10 TB of storage, provide highly reliable file server and backup services at Al Mulla's Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle divisions. 


To clear a backlog of simple permissions setting requests sent to IT staff, the company uses File Station to manage remote file access permissions. IT administrators leverage File Station's built-in admin delegation options to appoint coordinators in each department and assign management permissions.


Al Mulla ensures the availability of its data through the implementation of Active Backup for Business, providing centralized management for backups across its nine servers. The user-friendly Active Backup for Business Portal enables employees to effortlessly retrieve missing files from specific time points and restore them to their original devices, facilitating seamless data recovery. Furthermore, the integration of global deduplication technology has reduced backup data by 29%, optimizing storage capacity. To enhance data protection, the team has also deployed Hyper Backup, a built-in software, to create a second copy stored in their remote data center for critical data.


The simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and practicality of the Synology systems are highly praised by the company. The user-friendly and intuitive DSM interface makes it easy for the staff of any IT background to work efficiently and swiftly, and the team said they are now more likely to consider more solutions available on Synology NAS to support future growth. "We find great satisfaction in our experience with Synology, and are excited to delve into additional features and incorporate its capabilities across various departments in the near future." said Mr. Atta, IT Assistant Manager at Al Mulla Automotive Group.

The Customer

Al Mulla Automotive Group, a distinguished subsidiary of the renowned Al Mulla Group, a leading privately held business conglomerate headquartered in the State of Kuwait, proudly serves as the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Kuwait, along with a portfolio that extends to include prestigious brands like Acura, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and Fiat.

Today, with a 2,500+ strong workforce, the Automotive Group enjoys a presence in Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, and the UAE, operating numerous divisions and facilities; including new and used car showrooms, spare parts outlets, and service centers.



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