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Synology® Introduces Estonian Forum

Taipei, Taiwan— October 8, 2009—Synology® Inc. today introduced the Estonian forum, offering users with a platform to exchange ideas and using experience and the quickest way to seek assistance of using Synology products.

"Interactive communication environments that gather the users of a specific product are very popular in other countries. The English Synology forum, for instance, currently has more than 72,000 postings by 12,000 users," said Kaja Karlson, the marketing manager of Scalewireless, Synology distributor in Estonia. "The local forum provides the Estonian speaking users with opportunities to communicate in a friendly atmosphere and to make most of the total potential of Synology products".

The Estonian forum, by exemplifying the capacity of such small servers, on Synology Disk Station DS209+II, and is administered by the team of Scalewireless along with volunteers. Ando Urbas, the IT journalist who has taken charge of administering the forum said: "I have been an active and constant user of Synology products. When I got the proposal to launch the forum, I was all for it. Currently, there is no good place for discussing matters related to network and file servers in Estonia. The Synology forum could evolve such discussions."

All registered users are free to post on the forum and the topics discussed cover the installation and a variety of functions of Synology products, and the latest news from Synology. "We are excited about launching the Estonia forum and confident that it will provide useful information for current and potential Synology users," said Mike Chen, sales manager of Synology.


To visit the Estonia forum, go to: