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A Good Master Excels at Many Things – Introducing "Master Your Data" Video from Synology®

Taipei, Taiwan—April 7, 2010—In this digital age, the explosion of digital files means that everyone is looking for ways to store, secure and share their files. NAS Servers not only offer data storage and file sharing over a network, but also help to truly harness and leverage the power of digital files through multiple different features, replacing multiple PC servers with one easy-to-manage and affordable device. Running on the award-winning Synology® DiskStation Manager 2.3 system firmware, Synology DiskStation is a feature-rich NAS server that literally can replace multiple different devices and PCs in your home or office.

Today Synology released a video titled, "Master Your Data" that demonstrates how the DiskStation transforms your digital file chaos into pure data mastery. The master is good at many things. Whether you are sharing files in a large office or trying to manage your huge photo and music collection at home, check out this new video from Synology and unlock the key to mastering your data easily and affordably. Link to the video: