Hyper Backup

With Hyper Backup, up to 65535 versions of data can be retained while storage consumption is minimized with cross-version deduplication. Data backed up are kept in a proprietary database which can be easily browsed, downloaded or restored with tailor-made multi-version explorer on DSM, Windows and Linux platforms.

In the following sections, you will learn how to use Hyper Backup in the following ways:

Data Backup:

  • Backing up data to local/remote Synology NAS devices
  • Backing up data to remote rsync servers
  • Backing up data to public clouds (e.g. Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure)

LUN Backup:

  • Backing up iSCSI LUN* to external storage devices and to another Synology NAS device


  • Restoring backup files

* Available on specific models only.