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Take the next step with Synology and tap into new markets. With the Silver and Gold Certificate Program your business will gain knowledge on how to leverage your current customers as well as reach different industry verticals through the in-depth online training courses.

  • Silver Sales training gives you the resources to reach new industry segments
  • Gold Technical training provides consulting techniques for SMB/SME clients
  • Access lead referrals directly from Synology to gain direct access to new clients
Partner Benefits Premier Partners Silver Gold
Sales and Marketing Support
Listing on Synology Where to Buy Page Yes Yes Yes
Priority Listing on Synology Website   Yes Yes
Certificate Badge for display on Partner Website   Yes Yes
Opportunity to gain exposure through Case Study Program     Yes
Demo Unit Pricing Yes   Yes
Monthly Backend Rebates Yes   Yes
Lead Forwarding   Yes Yes
DS715 - one 40% discount   Yes  
DS715 - one 50% discount     Yes
List of Compatible Hardware (ie HDDs, IP Cameras, etc) Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Collateral Yes Yes Yes
Custom Marketing Collateral   Yes Yes
Product Images Yes Yes Yes
Live Software Demo Yes Yes Yes
Notification of new product launches   Yes Yes
Invitation to local Reseller Events Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager Yes Yes Yes
Technical Knowledge Base
Sales Training   Yes Yes
Basic Training (Website navigation, Product Guides, RAID configuration)   Yes Yes
Basic DSM Training   Yes  
Advanced DSM Training     Yes
Advanced Technical Training     Yes
Dedicated Support Line Yes Yes Yes
Partner Requirements
Companies Providing Hardware online   Yes  
Offering Pre-and Post-sales support Yes    
Value Added Resellers (VARs) Yes    
Systems Integrator (SI) Yes    
Technical Background Yes   Yes
Synology Premier Partner Member   Yes Yes
Silver Certificate     Yes
Cost Free* $300 $800

Silver Certificate 5.0

Reach out to home, SOHO, and SMB clients by providing pre-sales guidance, and assistance in implementing features within DiskStation Manager, making your sales more effective.

About The Silver Certificate

This course covers the basics, helping you sell Synology more effectively to your clients. As an Open Book course, it is designed to give you the resources to earn the certificate as well as set you up to make more effective sales on topics including:

  • Synology Hardware – help your clients narrow in on the ideal solution
  • RAID Concepts – learn the basics of RAID and the differences between redundancy and backups, ensuring safety and reliability for critical business data
  • Website Navigation – answer your client’s questions quickly and efficiently with Synology tools
  • DiskStation Manager 5.0 –navigate both the functions and information provided by DSM


  • Exclusive lead generation through Synology
  • Get priority listing as a Silver Certified Reseller
  • Official Certificate and badge for your company website
  • Online Sales and Technical training course
  • Hands on experience with DSM 5.0 – get 40% off your first DS715

Are you qualified?

  • Synology Premier Partner Member or Online Resellers only
  • $300 for Training Course (only one certificate required per business)

Gold Certificate - Coming Soon

This course is designed to accredit resellers as official experts on Synology products. Resellers will be knowledgeable in the virtual storage arena, including the use of iSCSI, NFS, RAID, etc. With the Gold Certificate resellers will be able to provide the best solutions for their SME clients using Synology products.

About the Gold Certificate

This course takes a technical look at Synology products and how it can integrate into a variety of networks. It is designed to give you the tools to serve your Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers, including topics such as:

  • Network Architecture
  • Complex Deployment Recommendations
  • Advanced Storage Management
  • Virtual Storage
  • Synology High Availability
  • What is Virtualization


  • Exclusive lead generation through Synology
  • Get priority listing as a Silver Certified Reseller
  • Official Certificate and badge for your company website
  • Online Sales and Technical training course
  • Hands on experience with DSM 5.0 – get 50% off your first DS715

Are you qualified?

  • Synology Premier Partner Members only
  • Experience with VCP, CCNA, MSCE concepts preferred
  • $800 for Training Course (only one certificate required per business)

Increase your Profits with Exclusive Lead Referrals

When you become Synology Certified you become a trusted and verified Reseller. This means that we feel confident in your ability to sell and implement Synology products and give our customers the best possible experience. And as such we are providing exclusive lead referrals to our Silver and Gold Certified Partners.

How it Works

  1. Become Silver Certified
  2. Synology gets a simple product inquiry
  3. Synology searches for the reseller closest to the potential customer
    a. Gold Members get priority on service integrations
    b. If multiple resellers are within a reasonable proximity the lead will go first to the Gold member then down the list in a repeating fashion
  4. Synology will give the Contact information to the Reseller
  5. The Reseller gets a sales opportunity and a client for future service opportunities

Company x needs Two RS10613xs+

  • Resellers A, B, C are within 20 miles
  • Resellers A, B are Gold Certified
  • Reseller A received a lead last week
  • Reseller B gets the lead

Sample Sales Inquiry

Synology Premier Partner Program

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With discounted demo units and monthly back-end rebates your business can save on costs and look towards the future. With easily accessible marketing materials, product specs, and online training you can make it easier than ever to reach new verticals and expand your customer base.

Storage for Any Client

Businesses are using Synology solutions on a daily basis. Hear how our customers are taking advantage of easy, flexible and scalable solutions offered by Synology.
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Step up your service, and meet the growing needs of customers. With a vast online knowledge base available, Synology is helping you be a better consultant and in turn develop long-term relationships with clients. Upgrade your service level and earn more.

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  • Deploy storage solutions through face-to-face client interactions (i.e. VARs, MSPs, etc.)
  • Have an account with one of our official distributors
  • An Office located in the U.S. or Canada
  • Committed to providing excellent customer service

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