Synology MailPlus Improve team efficiency with an on-premises email solution that ensures data ownership, security, and reliability. Contact us Try free Synology MailPlusAn email system that works for your teamProvide a fully configurable email experience for maximum productivity. Focus on what mattersKeep your inbox clean with custom labels, advanced filters, and priority mailboxes that help users cut through the noise and focus on important communications.Bring teams togetherGather all project-related emails in one place with shared mailboxes so your team can stay on top of essential messages.Compose like a proPowerful and comprehensive tools help you compose emails more efficiently. Enhance email communicationDesign emails that stand out thanks to user-friendly text editing, image insertion, and table creation tools.Personalize your messageEngage your audience with personalized mass emails by bulk importing email addresses using mail merge.Get organizedOrganize your inbox using custom labels, advanced filters, and priority mailboxes to filter and quickly access crucial emails.
Robust securityProtect your digital communications from external threats with first-class security features.Learn moreThreat monitoringSupport for S/MIME enables end-to-end encryption at the user level, ensuring that emails always remain private.Malware and spam prevention Identify viruses, spam, and other threats with built-in definitions or with optional Bitdefender integration.Advanced SMTP securitySupport for DANE authentication helps prevent Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and downgrade attacks from intercepting critical emails.
Do more with integrationsIncrease productivity by integrating Synology MailPlus with the other tools in Synology's productivity suite. Synology CalendarClick on dates displayed in emails to automatically create events in Synology Calendar.Learn moreSynology ContactsChoose the right address from your Synology Contacts address books as you type in the recipient's field..Learn moreSynology ChatStart chats with work partners directly from MailPlus with the Synology Chat plug-in.Learn moreEasy-to-manage mail serverCentralize mail server administration and streamline your operations using comprehensive management tools.Learn moreMultiple domain supportHost multiple email domains on a single server and configure each independently.Granular user permissionsConfigure different admin rights, login methods, daily email traffic quotas, email delivery, and other user policies.Efficient troubleshootingMaximize administrative efficiency by leveraging advanced transaction log search features to access detailed mail information and troubleshooting steps.High Availability for MailPlusEnsure uninterrupted high-availability protection for mail services with Synology MailPlus High Availability. Set up a 100% on-premise cluster system with just two servers to maintain critical workloads. Learn more

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"Because of its low-cost licensing and intuitive interface, we were able to quickly deploy MailPlus across the entire company."

"Synology MailPlus has a cost advantage that has helped us save 2-3 times on the overall deployment costs and fulfills our needs of email security and scalability."

"The simplicity of working with Synology MailPlus has let us focus our efforts on providing superior services to members without being bogged down by technicalities."

Get startedWe're here to assist you with any questions or information you may require.Licensing planScale up your mail deployment by adding licenses according to your needs.Learn moreEnterprise deployment Ask our experts about MailPlus deployment recommendations and advice. Contact usMailPlus demo Try out Synology MailPlus in the DiskStation Manager online demo. Try freeMigrate to Synology MailPlus todayFrom Microsoft ExchangeLearn moreFrom Google WorkspaceLearn more
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