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Synology® Launches Synology VS60, a Power-saving Security Appliance for IP Camera Live-viewing

Taipei, Taiwan—November 16, 2009—Synology® Inc. today launched Synology Visual Station VS60, a live-view appliance which saves power and easily monitors multiple IP cameras managed with a Synology Disk Station.

Synology VS60 is designed to provide a live-view of IP cameras managed with a Synology Disk Station and displays it on a connected LCD monitor or TV screen. The built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) efficiently processes images, lowering power usage down to only 5.2 Watts for the entire system, providing an economical solution for smaller scale setups. In addition, Synology VS60 offers the convenience of live-viewing cameras in a multi-screen wall format for large-scale deployments.

"Synology VS60 is Synology's next step in the security market after the debut of Synology Surveillance Station, a digital video recording application in Synology Disk Station's system firmware, Synology DSM 2.2," commented Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology. Given the proliferation of smaller organizations moving to incorporate IP surveillance solutions, Synology VS60's timely debut is an easy-to-use, low-power surveillance solution.

Synology VS60 supports the essential features of IP cameras: PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), snapshot, and two USB ports for mouse operation and external disk connection. All operations are done with clicks of the mouse. As a result, no complex training is required and individuals like cashiers in small stores can easily use it to monitor their stores.


Synology VS60 starts shipping today.

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Synology creates network attached storage and IP surveillance solutions that transform the way users manage data and conduct surveillance in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, and implement professional surveillance solutions in reliable and affordable ways. Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services.

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