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I chose the Synology NAS due to its reputable and trusted name in the field of storage solutions. When I asked around, my friends in the IT industry also recommended Synology. The solution allows us to save time and be more efficient so we can focus on other areas of work. We saved numerous steps and my staff can access and share their work easily with a single storage system. Wee Khim, fashion and celebrity photographer

The Company

Widely regarded as Singapore's most famous fashion and celebrity photographer, Wee Khim's work has graced key magazines both in Singapore and in the region for almost two decades. To date, he has created many timeless campaigns and editorials working with home-grown celebrities like Zoe Tay, Stefanie Sun, to international stars like Lana Del Rey, Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. Besides his regular fashion editorials, Wee Khim's clientele also includes brands such as L´Oreal Paris, Takashimaya S.C., Nokia and Singapore Tourism Board.

The Challenge

Searching for the right storage solution had been a challenge for Wee Khim. "When I started digital photography, all the work was archived on recordable CD and DVD but it was problematic due to the sizes of the files and ever increasing numbers of discs. With recordable media there were also issues of longevity. I had a case of mold destroying the DVD," Wee Khim comments. "And with so many disconnected sources of archives, it was a hassle and very time consuming to search for a file. Eventually, we moved on to archiving on standalone hard drives to address the issues. However, working as a team, we continued to look for ways to be able to search, access, and share the files among colleagues easily" he added.

The Solution

In order to improve workflow and share files among colleagues, Wee Khim's team decided to investigate NAS solution and in the end selected the Synology NAS. "I chose the Synology NAS due to its reputable and trusted name in the field of storage solutions. When I asked around, my friends in the IT industry also recommended Synology," Wee Khim added.

The Benefits

Easy file sharing and accessibility saves valuable time

Wee Khim's team adopted 1 unit of DS1515+ with 4 units of 6TB Enterprise NAS HDD as centralized storage for the working files of their on-going projects. With the comprehensive network protocol support including SMB and AFP, the team is able to access the same projects in the local network at the same time without the hassle of connecting and disconnecting the external hard drives among different Macs. With a centralized storage system, the daily workflow of Wee Khim has been significantly improved. "Initially, our plan was to store on-going projects that last at least one year before them needed to be archive out, but now we also use it to archive our portfolio and final output, which are now made easily accessible," Wee Khim said.

RAID protection and Storage Manager provides secure and efficient storage management

Wee Khim's team selected RAID 5 as extra protection. Unlike the discs and external hard drives that always ended up scattered in the storage room, and a lot of time the team only found the discs or external hard drives malfunction when looking for certain files. With RAID 5 protection, the data stored in Synology NAS is now able to endure 1 disk failure. And by monitoring the system health, including the status of the HDDs, with Synology's Storage Manager package, the team can now easily ensure the files are safely stored and quickly identify issues if any. For Wee Khim's team, the adoption of Synology NAS solution not only improves the daily workflow, but also makes data protection and management much more efficient.

Recommended Models

  • DS1515+

Recommended Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy file sharing and accessibility
  • Raid Protection
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