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sonoVTS GmbH

"The RS3617xs+ provides outstanding I/O performance and well-built construction for the usage in tough environments, and can be set up easily thanks to the intuitive DSM. Consequently, the RS3617xs+ has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for TV production environments." Michael Bobenstetter, Senior Broadcast Engineer Rental & Project manager at UN-World Climate Conference

The Company

SonoVTS GmbH is an internationally active company headquartered in Feldkirchen near Munich. Founded in 1985, the company has been a strong provider of system design & integration, equipment rental and operations, service and consulting, as well as HDQLINE broadcast display manufacturers in the industry. SonoVTS implements projects with more than 120 employees at four different locations including Munich, Hohenkammer, Frankfurt and Cologne. SonoVTS also has offices in Austria and the US as it has developed to be a pioneer in the broadcast industry.

The Challenge

SonoVTS GmbH worked as the provider for technical and production services during the UN Climate Change Conference 2017 in Bonn. The company was responsible for the local distribution in the media center and the production of international TV pictures. A powerful storage solution was thereby sought to fulfill the requirements of recording and archiving all TV images created during the event. The solution would need to emphasis on high data availability and strong I/O performance to manage and store all media streams with security. It also requires a 10GbE connectivity and redundancies in power supply & HDDs.

The Solution

SonoVTS had already used Synology cloud services in other projects before. In fact, the company has been very satisfied with the performance, availability and especially the intuitive usability of Synology's DSM. Based on previous experiences, a Synology RS3617xs+ with maximum RAM and a dual 10GbE SFP+ NIC were deployed for the production-critical scenarios. 

With the EXT4 file system, all files are accessible via SMB. The drive was then mapped to the transcoding workstations, which served as a proxy server for the recording systems.


The Benefits

Easy to setup & manage

The increasing demand for massive digitalization / virtualization of the core systems leads to an ever-larger and more complex IT infrastructure in the television industry. With an intuitive software like DSM,  this process has become easier for the technicians and engineers involved and is consequently highly appreciated. 

Excellent I/O performance & cost efficiency

In the assembly of high-performance drives, no critical system utilization or system load has been observed on main memory and 10GbE interfaces, even in the light of numerous parallel file accesses. As a result, with its high-performance, RS3617xs+ has proven to be not only reliable but also relatively budget-friendly, making it a cost-effective solution.   

Solid and thought-out construction

SonoVTS operates all of its systems in 19"-Flightcases", which are brought to the application and production areas all over the world. Therefore, the equipment is exposed to external influences such as vibrations and external shocks. To protect equipment from external influences, the construction of the RS3617xs+ is very solid yet easy to open for maintenance.

In addition, SonoVTS also deployed flight cases in surroundings which lack of ideal climatic conditions on site. Thanks to the cooling design of RS3617xs+, SonoVTS has been very satisfied as it offers enough cooling capacity even for warmer surroundings. 

Recommended Models

  • RS3617xs+

Recommended Features

  • Near-Line video archive storage
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Excellent I/O performance & cost efficiency
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