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RS3412xs is a really cost-effective virtualization solution for data centers. It offers high performance, scalability, reliability and many possibilities for managing files. Victor Caballero, CEO, nFinite 9000 S.L.

The Company, one of the biggest IT media in Spain, reviews and introduces the most cutting-edge technologies and IT products to the public. It is now among the top 350 websites in Spain.

After managing web and file servers for 12 years, nFinite 9000 S.L., the mother company of, has been hired by many local companies for storage and management services, based on its own data center in Barcelona. Currently, more than 30 companies with high-load web services are relying on nFinite 9000 S.L.

The Challenge

Providing web hosting and data storage services for huge traffic site such as and more than 30 companies is not easy. Virtualization helps to make the infrastructure of nFinite 9000 more homogenous. As nFinite 9000 considered the possibility of deploying disk arrays, they became aware of the high cost and the limited flexibility. After analyzing various solutions, NAS server was chosen for its cost-effectiveness and its uncompromising capacity and performance.

The Solution has been testing Synology products for three years and they are satisfied with the high reliability and excellent performance; thus, its mother company, nFinite 9000, adopted Synology RackStation RS3412xs to overcome the storage challenges in their data center. "We chose RS3412xs for its expandable storage capacity, high performance, the redundant 10Gb connectivity and versatile features that come with DSM." said Victor Caballero, CEO of nFinite 9000.

The Benefits

Comprehensive virtualization support

In the data center of nFinite 9000, there are several physical servers running VMware ESXi with numerous virtual machines operating simultaneously. Instead of assigning hard disks to create storage space on each physical server, RS3412xs offers seamless iSCSI and NFS file sharing services and was able to offer itself as a centralized storage for all physical servers. This can reduce the investment cost significantly.

High reliability and scalability

RS3412xs offers redundant connectivity via the default 4 Gigabit ports, or dual 10GbE (with add-on card), ensuring its reliability and availability. Moreover, the storage capacity of RS3412xs can be scaled up simply by deploying Synology RX1211 expansion units, allowing nFinite 9000 to increase storage capacity easily in response to business expansion or the rising need to deploy additional virtual servers.

Versatile channels to access and share files effortlessly

The demand for mobile offices is ever increasing. nFinite 9000 clients and even their own staff need to access documents outside of their offices from various locations on different types of platforms, such as Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. nFinite 9000 decided not to share files using a traditional PC file server since manpower and time spent on system configuration and the required licensing fee are not worth their investment. Public cloud services were not ideal for them since data security cannot be assured. nFinite 9000 finally decided on Synology Cloud Station, which not only addresses their clients and staff's needs for accessing and syncing files remotely from different devices and platforms, but also allows nFinite 9000 to take 100% control over data security and accessibility. 

nFinite 9000 also praises various file accessing options provided by DSM, including File Station, DS file mobile app and WebDAV protocol support, which lets their clients and staff navigate between folders, upload and download, plus share files from their local PCs and mobile devices easily. Victor from nFinite 9000 stated, "Thanks to Synology, now we can work on any computer or mobile device in an easy and convenient way."

Recommended Models

  • RS3412RPxs

Recommended Features

  • Virtualization Support
  • High Performance
  • Expandable Storage Capacity
  • File Management and Mobility
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