Digital photography is exciting, but it can be very dangerous, too. You can lose your whole story with just one click. It’s taken me years, climbing mountains, getting up for sunrises and sunsets, so I want to make sure the photos are here for future generations. Before I had a whole safe full of hard drives. Once a month I had to turn them on just to check if they were working. Also it would take me ages to find a particular image. Now with Synology, I can be working on my system, and in the background, it’s just backing up. It’s so easy for me to locate shots, saves me so much time, and makes me rest at ease. If something does happen, I know my work will be safe. Ken Duncan

Recommended Models

  • DS2415+

Recommended Features

  • Very easy for a photographer to set up and use himself
  • RAID 6 protection safeguards you from even 2 drive failure
  • Hot swappable hard drives can be easily replaced
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