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Yan-Ding Accounting Firm

Even during the peak seasons, this little black box still maintains its high performance. It is truly an A-level email server. Yan-Ding Accounting Firm

The Company

Located in Taipei County, Yan-Ding Accounting Firm was founded in 1992. The certified accounting firm provides professional consultation and assists customers with services including company registration, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and financial planning services.

The Challenge

Many of Yang-Ding's clients have developed a long and stable relationship with the accounting firm. Part of Yang-Ding's service involves processing and storing large amount of customers' data. "Some customers' trading data can be accounted in gigabytes monthly. The need for a large storage space got us started in searching for a NAS server, " Yang-Ding commented.

Apart from this, the accounting firm is also troubled by the frequent computer lagging and freezing problems. Due to the bandwidth limitation, emails with large attachments take time to retrieve from external mail server, which deteriorates computer performance. The interruption causes great inconvenience to staffs' daily work, thus creates another challenge for the firm.

The Solution

Yang-Ding chose Synology DiskStation DS209+II to create secure storage volume for client data. In addition, to resolve the computer lagging problem that occurs when retrieving email from external mail server, the accounting firm installed Mail Station package on DS209+II to setup internal mail server. Compared with the costly mail processing system on the market, which ranges at 40,000~50,000 NTD (around 1,500 USD), DS209+II is proven to be an efficient alternative. Through simple and easy settings, the mail server is ready to serve the employees with the daily mail exchanges.

The Benefits

The DiskStation DS209+II has become an indispensable asset for Yang-Ding's employees after being adapted as the mail server. " The stability we witnessed proved DS209+II to be equally competitive with the email services provided by average Internet service providers. The time spent on retrieving mails is also reduced greatly, " Yang-Ding commented. " Even during the peak seasons, this little black box still maintains its high performance. It is truly an A-level email server.

Recommended Models

  • DS209+II

Recommended Features

  • Mail Station
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