Toon Factory

We chose RS3412xs because it offers optimal price/performance ratio that's better than other traditional NAS providers. Laurent Marandet, IT Manager of Toon Factory

The Company

Established in 1999, Toon Factory is a thriving animation film company that produces prize-winning cartoon series such as Samson & Neon or Tony & Alberto. The cartoons are broadcasted not only by major French TV channels like M6 and France Television but also channels in Quebec, Canada and the Al Jazeera, a media located in Qatar.

The Challenge

Toon Factory has high demands for large storage capacity and performance as video files of high definition have been accumulating specifically in the recent years. File accessibility is also critical since all data is centralized in Paris Headquarters for post-production and at the same time, the HQ has to work with sub-contractors and consultants worldwide. Besides, the audio and video workstations used by Toon Factory require very high-speed data transfer rate.

In the past, Toon Factory used a Windows 2003 server with eight 2TB external hard disks attached to it but the storage space was quickly overloaded and performance was affected and weakened.

Christelle Marienneau, the Production Manager of the company told Synology "We had to move those external hard disks among different locations because our servers just weren't fast enough to be accessed over network". In short, Toon Factory needed a storage solution with a very high I/O performance over network, stable connections, high scalability and data integrity.

The Solution

Laurent Marandet, IT Manager of Toon Factory, gave reasons of why they choose Synology. "We chose RS3412xs because it offers optimal price/performance ratio that's better than other traditional NAS providers. The storage system is deployed based on the RackStation RS3412xs with affordable 3TB SATA hard disks and RAID 10 data protection. Also, storage capacity can be easily expanded with RX1211 expansion unit to meet the future demand." The RS3412xs is also fully compatible with two Citrix XenServer servers which are already deployed by Toon Factory.

The four Gigabit network interfaces of RS3412xs allow the Paris HQ to seamlessly work with their partners worldwide with top-notch I/O performance and read/write speed. RS3412xs also supports HTTPS protocol to achieve 100% transmission security, a feature that is very much appreciated by Toon factory's clients, particularly international ones.

In addition, after adopting the Synology RackStation, Toon Factory has achieved cost and energy efficiency. The electricity consumption has been greatly cut by 66%. This has led to a reduction of the air conditioning load and the electricity bill.

Christelle Marrienneau, the product manager of the company, appreciated that "there was no longer a need to ship HDD abroad and it has helped to cut down the shipping expenditure." The Pyramix and Vcube audio/video workstations used by Toon Factory to produce multi-track recordings and soundtracks for the cartoons can operate under high speed connections. To conclude, Synology's NAS solution efficiently fulfills the most critical requirements of Toon Factory. The investment is definitely worthwhile as the company is now carrying out communication with partners fast and seamlessly, with all data and files securely centralized in one place.

Recommended Models

  • RS3412xs

Recommended Features

  • High I/O performance
  • Superior Reliability
  • Cost Efficiency Server
  • Highly Scalable Solution
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