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It is very important for us, as tech-savvy individuals, to have a mobile monitoring solution to better administrate office activities. We feel the cost is very much justified and the solutions are very worthwhile. We would recommend [Synology] without reservation. Sascha Hottes, Management Director of Netzwelt GmbH

The Company

Located in Hamburg, is one of the most far-reaching technology magazines over the Internet. With a focus on the field of consumer electronics, the magazine covers industrial news, test reports on new equipment, background articles, and software archive. It enjoys a large online community with over 8 million visitors and more than 20 million page reviews per month.

The Challenge

The press partners of Netzwelt must be sure that their equipments are adequately guarded during the loan to Netzwelt. Thus, it's important to obtain a surveillance solution that's easy to manage and transmits video streaming in high quality and friction-free. Implementation cost is another key factor that should be taken into consideration. While the implementation of necessary infrastructure is crucial to achieve property safety, the expenditure should still be kept at a modest range. However, for small and medium enterprises, budget often hinders against an easy-to-install solution.

The Solution

Netzwelt uses Synology DS212+ in combination with Synology VS80, and AXIS M1054 IP cameras to monitor the editorial office in Hamburg. The in-house technicians use a central television to view the video streams. The advantage of the solution is that, with up to 9 IP cameras deployed, the VS80 offers visual control over all company's premises, from entrance to each floor. The DS212+ offers a single interface for complete video surveillance, which includes efficient viewing experience with various IP cameras and the ability to customize recording schedule with specific time periods. The operating system, DiskStation manager, offers mobile apps that provide storage access and property surveillance on-the-move.

The Benefits

Synology's versatile monitoring solution allows Netzwelt to monitor office buildings with flexibility. Mobile app allows administrators to live view on the go. With the integration of DS212+, there's no need to use a PC as a 24-7 monitoring and surveillance recording server. VS80 also allows pure monitoring experience without the requierment of an additional PC server. Asides the well-rounded functionalities of surveillance, the other conventional NAS functions can also be operated in parallel.

Recommended Models

  • DS212+
  • VS80

Recommended Features

  • Surveillance Station
  • Mobile Apps
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