Synology products are paving the way forward with feature rich applications that are useful and necessary for businesses who rely on their IT system. Jéan van Wyngaardt, Managing Director

The Company

MacTribe, an IT support company specializing in Mac support in and around the London area, is founded with the ambition to provide the best possible helpdesk service for small to medium sized businesses. Their clients' businesses range anywhere from three to fifty employees, which often based in the creative sector, such as marketing, advertising and multimedia-related work, which can be quite demanding on network requirements. MacTribe is very passionate about technology especially when it comes to installing reliable storage and file sharing solutions for its clients.

The Challenge

In the world of technology, things have changed quite a bit. In the past, businesses were required to own and maintain large servers for simple file sharing and services. Having a server is not a bad idea for a large size business, though MacTribe found a large percentage of their small clients have been sold way too much equipment for their initial requirements. 

MacTribe needs to find a solution that can provide exactly what the clients need in storage and file sharing, without spending unnecessary budget. With Synology, it's not required to install a large server. Synology's DSM software combined with their NAS units is more than powerful enough to replace most servers and fit the market of clientele perfectly.

The Solution

After many weeks of research and testing, MacTribe discovered the best solution on the market to be Synology and its DiskStation NAS server. Every DiskStation comes with the stock operating system, DiskStation Manager (DSM), which can provide all the features a business would need to grow. The performance is exceptional, as DSM out performs most server OS platforms to makes storing and sharing files easier than ever. On top of speed, DiskStation is highly compatible with Mac by having support for the platform and mobile apps, which is vital to MacTribe and its clients on a daily basis. Synology DiskStation is an all-in-one package that comes with performance, versatility and reliable storage features to help MacTribe's clients develop their businesses.

Optimized for Mac environment

DiskStation is truly cross-platform as it works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers. To MacTribe, it means now they have a new and complete solution to recommend to their clients who work in Mac environment. The support for AFP makes sharing files seamless between Mac and DiskStation. For backup, DiskStation is fully compatible with Time Machine, which means Mac users can now have a backup target with extra large space and data protection. Lastly, the mobile support is what makes the Mac solution complete, as anyone can grab an iOS device and access different types of files stored in DiskStation – audio, video, documents and more – while on the go. DiskStation also supports Airplay and AirPrint.

Scalable & simple storage management

Managing storage is a breeze with Synology Hybrid RAID on Storage Manager. Its fast and easy setup allows users to have a usable storage ready in a short time, without any hard drive size issues or compatibility problems. For businesses that need more space for their data, it's extremely easy and intuitive to expand storage space, as everything can be managed on Storage Manager. The DiskStation is an all-in-one package perfect for small and mid-size businesses.

Applications designed for every need

MacTribe received positive feedback from its clients about DiskStation's rich applications and easy setup. At home, people can easily create a wireless streaming environment to enjoy all the digital content on DiskStation. Some users find Photo Station and Audio Station two very great applications for hosting online album and streaming music.

Power saving & environment-friendly

While DiskStation can deliver impressive performance numbers and do a variety of tasks for an entire business, its energy efficiency design leaves very small carbon footprints compared with the servers previously used by MacTribe. Built into DSM are intelligent power-saving features that allow DiskStation to switch between modes and reduce power consumption. DiskStation also hardly produces any heat or sound, which makes it a perfect back-end server in a working environment.

Recommended Models

  • DS1512+

Recommended Features

  • Synology Hybrid RAID
  • Storage Manager
  • Mac & iOS support
  • Photo Station & Audio Station
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