Krakowski Cooperative Bank

The Synology NAS servers we've deployed are easy to setup, sufficiently efficient and highly reliable for file sharing. Paweł Matusik, IT team leader

The Company

Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy (KBS) is the leading cooperative bank operating in Poland. Founded in 1898, KBS is one of the oldest financial institutions in Poland. KBS has been devoting in banking industry for over 110-year. Based only with Polish capitals, the institution is able to offer modern products along with banking and insurance services. KBS has developed long and close relationship with clients from all different trades, servicing a wide array from farmers, private customers, companies and institutions to local governments. Currently, KBS is also the largest co-operative bank in the country – it has consecutively maintained its leading ranking in the field of cooperative banking and financial security.

The Challenge

KBS operates across the provinces of Malopolska, Slask, Lodz, and Switokrzyskie in Poland with over 70 branches in total. Branch offices used to share files, such as operation and banking software updates, via pen drives or email attachments. The growing demand for communications among different workstations has forced KBS to search for new solutions that can bring more operational efficiency. The bank hoped to find a solution that is able to provide safe, efficient, and economical solutions for employees to share various digital data. In addition, KBS is looking for an all-in-one solution that will be able to facilitate its future business expansion and extended services.

The Solution

Synology's 2-bay NAS server appears to be the ideal solution to fulfill the requirements of KBS. The rich features of DS212j have made it as a highly-valued storage device for office operation. In addition, as expenses are in careful control of KBS, the economical advantages of DS212j are also why it's chosen. The device is very energy-efficient which is perfect for office deployment. So far, KBS has implemented 66 units of DiskStation DS212j respectively for most of the offices.

The Benefits

Simple and Intuitive Setup

DS212j server doesn`t require advanced IT knowledge for setup. User can set up the server effortlessly and find the right features to start with via "DSM Quick Start Wizard," the step-by-step guidance tool. In addition, they find the web-based desktop very intuitive for users.

Efficient File Sharing

Internal file exchange is a daily routine for branch offices of KBS. DS212j serves as the centralized point that allows bankers to view and share files of all types any time they want. "We used to send repetitive emails once updates are available or cut files into fractions when the original attachment is too large. But now as all files are stored in DiskStation, staff can access the files by simply open a web browser. It's super easy," said by one of the office manager. Office productivity is greatly boosted for respective offices.

Data Protection

As data transaction is fundamental to banking operation, it is very important for KBS to ensure continuous data access without interruption. Thus, RAID 1 data protection against disk failure is chosen to be paired with DS212j to ensure minimum downtime and data security. When the first disk fails, the data stored on the server would still be accessible and staff has time to replace the failed disk. Also, notifications can be sent out when disk malfunction happens. Thus, with RAID 1 protection and notification mechanism, internal data is always accessible, helping to maintain smooth operation and minimizing system downtime.

Easy directory integration

DiskStation offers streamlined and easy Windows AD integration. Files-level ACL privilege settings can be applied to data that resides on DS212j, successfully eliminating management burden for KBS.Also, with DiskStation's Windows AD support, branch office can join its DS212j into the existing Windows AD environment.

Recommended Models

  • DS212j

Recommended Features

  • Easy file sharing
  • RAID protection
  • Streamlined directory services
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