Department 2 - Media Production of Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences

The DiskStation allows us to work together on large projects with several TB of data. We also now have a cloud, in which the data is located in our own house. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Guido Falkemeier

The Company

The Department 2 of Media Production at the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo has been established in 2000. There young people are trained in the master's and bachelor's degree of media production. The approximately 250 students are trained in the broad field of media with a high practical orientation. One focus among others of the training is the digital film. Here commercials, corporate films, documentaries and narrative short films are created with high-quality cameras.

The Challenge

The production process in the digital film is characterized by teamwork. All students from the Department 2 have to be able to access, change and store the same data. Everything has to be simultaneously and quickly done. "Raw materials recorded with high definition cameras can take a lot of space and losing them can cause big delays in the project." Therefore Digital files have to be saved and immediately evaluated on the set after shooting. So a fast and immediate access to the storage unit is necessary. In addition, it is expected that data is secured while being recorded.

The Solution

On the recommendation of a student of the Department 2, they decided under the direction of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Guido Falkemeier to use a DS1512+ populated with hard drives in a RAID 5 configuration. The NAS server carries up to 20TB with scale-up capability, which is sufficient for students to store large digital content. Furthermore due to its robust hardware design it offers the necessary performance to work smoothly on not compressed raw filming material. "During post production, several students simultaneously work on materials, and the performance of the device is very important." At the same time, the DiskStation also serves as a common repository for documents by using the file services Samba/CIFS and AFP. Students are able to access the documents on campus and from outside the university.

The Benefits

Private Cloud Solution

During pre-production, the DS1512 + is used as a cloud server for the students. Documents can be exchanged easily and securely. Students can make edits on the same documents.

Fast transfer rates

The filming cameras are equipped with powerful but very expensive SSD cards, which unfortunately can only save a few minutes of footage. So the Synology NAS is always taken directly to the film set to transfer the recorded material to the NAS once the space of the cameras is full. "Thus the robust construction of the Synology NAS and fast data transfer are of particular advantage. The NAS can be transported safely and many minutes of footage can be taken and secured on the spot."

During post-production, the device is able to provide the filming materials to several students at the same time for editing.

Backup center

The automatic backups are particularly advantageous to ensure data redundancy. It was possible to schedule the backups of the different projects via USB to an external hard drive. This way the materials are always present on several devices.

Recommended Models

  • DS1512+

Recommended Features

  • Zentral Kameraüberwachung
  • Private Cloud
  • Schneller Datentransfer & robuste Bauweise
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