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GEO Technical Laboratory

We realized that this was a very powerful storage system and that it offered very good performance. We ran some well-known benchmarks and made copies of Windows and so on to check performance, obtaining satisfying results. We created a specialized validation tool and validated 100 million files. In a word, fantastic. Yoichiro Miyake, Marketing Section Chief, Management Division, GEO Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd.

The Company

GEO Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zenrin Co., Ltd., a leading company in the marketing of 2-dimensional maps, which engages mainly in the research, development and sale of 3-dimensional map products. GEO engages daily in research and development to promote its policy of providing maps and application technology that are easier to understand than their traditional counterparts. With regard to map production, all the technology used, from test vehicles to the production line, is researched and developed in-house to produce the 3-dimensional digital maps of Japan major cities. Furthermore, in the field of map application technology, the 3-dimensional digital map image engines provided for car navigation systems are also used for research and development of customers' car navigation applications.

The Challenge

"One of the prerequisites that the product had to meet was the capacity to store 100 million files. These files comprise the product's original data, so our mission was to prepare a backup system-friendly file server. Existing file servers lacked the required capacity, necessitating an increase from 16TB to 40TB. Though the criteria for selection was the ability to store increasingly multiplying files, we proceeded by selecting a product that fell within the prescribed budget. It was extremely difficult to resolve this problem, and at first there was a lot of anxiety ".

Because it would inevitably cost an exorbitant amount to build a high capacity file server capable of storing large quantities of data, it seems to us that we needed to overcome many difficulties before the product could be introduced.

The Solution

Toward a fast, reliable Synology product capable of high capacity data storage

Using the personal model of the Synology product, we found that the system continued to work even after we removed the hard disc while it is running. The stable operation and the ease and clarity of the DiskStation Manager (DSM) immediately made us realized how good this system is. We were actually able to borrow an enterprise level product to run sufficient tests. The test results were good, and the product was far less expensive than the products of rival companies. This is what led to our decision to start using the Synology products.

Although tests were run using an HA configuration, we realized that this was a very powerful storage system and that it offered very good performance. We ran some well-known benchmarks and made copies of Windows and so on to check performance, obtaining satisfying results. We created a specialized validation tool and validated 100 million files. We also validated some special cases, such as turning off HA for 100 million data files, turning off the passive hard drive and inputting the data only into the active hard drive, then inputting the data into the passive drive and synchronizing the drives, but the system continued to run normally. In a word, fantastic. We successfully demonstrated that besides being capable of storing as many as 100 million data files, it is also a fast and safe product.

Migration of data from existing file servers completed successfully

The most frustrating thing about migrating data from a file server is probably the work it takes to transfer the files. The reality is, due to being AD-linked, you also want to transfer the ACL data. Free software can be used to easily migrate data over to Synology NAS. Because the existing file server stored 16TB of data and it took several days to complete the migration. Even so, we were surprised that the process was completed earlier than expected.

The Benefits

Stable speed and excellent expandability makes for an outstanding infrastructure

Previous Windows servers would slow down from time to time and were poor at handling multiple access. Synology eliminates such problems and offers a comfortable experience. It has good performance stability and can be used with ease, providing us with an outstanding infrastructure. 

DSM with its Storage Manager is a great tool for us which let us be at ease. Until now, we were always concerned about reaching the capacity of our server. With Synology, not only did we expanded easily our storage space, we also have the peace of mind to be alerted if we ever get close to reach the full capacity of our storage pool.

The decisive factors were stability and HA

The file servers at GEO Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd. mainly store approximately 512KB ~ 2MB of map data and image data. This data is used to store the final products which is processed at various work stations. While this is very important data, the large quantities of files created presents problems.

For example, it takes a long time to detect differential files with regular daily differential backups, making the time it takes to generate backups impractical. Instantly synchronizing systems are extremely costly. SHA resolves the problems of backup time and cost by executing differential backups with low time lag of only several seconds.

"It is excellent and has been problem-free since it was introduced," says the management division, which has also demonstrated appreciation for this product. "It is a data storage device, so it is vital that the data is being safely stored. Furthermore, the Synology NAS can provide the HA cluster function at no additional cost. This was the ultimate deciding factor."

Cost performance goes without saying. As a file server, the major keywords are "stability" and "HA". Without a doubt, the Synology NAS has achieved both.

Recommended Models

  • RS18016xs+
  • RX1216sas
  • RS10613xs+

Recommended Features

  • Synology High Availability
  • Centralized management for over 100 million of data files
  • High performance servers capable of handling large capacity processing
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