The Charitable Society of the Franciscan Sisters of Olpe Ltd

The implementation of the Synology DS1511+ helped to construct a cost-effective and high availability NAS system. Volumes with RAID 6 also prevent data from unexpected data losses. Other significant advantages include financial savings from utilizing the embedded features within DiskStation and benefiting from its low power consumption.

The Company

The Charitable Society of the Franciscan Sisters of Olpe Ltd (GFO), which was founded in 1902 by the Order of the Franciscan Sisters in Olpe, is a supportive charity organization with over 40 establishments. The Society consists of hospitals, nursing care facilities and services for children and the youths. There are over 7,000 employees in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

GFO-IT Service is an internal service-provider with the focus on the IT infrastructure and organization of GFO. It has about 35 employees and is responsible for the IT maintenance of all facilities within the GFO.

Located in Troisdorf, the headquarter of GFO-IT Service provides software implementation as well as organization and user support. However, the central data center is located at St. Mary's Hospital in Bonn. In addition to these two central locations, GFO-IT Service provides on-site support to all organizations to ensure ongoing operation.

The Challenge

In the medical industry, more and more pictures, file clippings, and findings are being recorded and stored electronically. By using a document management system (DMS), data can be stored chronologically and is accessible for comparative diagnostics. Photos of a wound, a patient's treatment record, sonographic as well as echo- and c-arm images, and videos can all be safely stored. Those enormous demands on the storage capacity cannot be met sufficiently by a simple centralized backup system and a limited WAN connection.

The Solution

Currently, GFO-IT Service has implemented a Synology DS1511+ for each branch hospital for the existing decentralized network infrastructures. This is because Synology DS1511+ is a "high-available" NAS system with beneficial features such as Link Aggregation, hot-swappable drives, failover support and high write/read speeds. The NAS server also provides RAID 6 functionality so the security of sensitive medical data can be appropriately secured. 

Synology NAS server also comes with extensive feature support, including data backup. Multiple backup tasks can be set up to enhance the protection on medical image data. Quick recovery choices are also available. Administrators can choose to make a complete or a partial data recovery. 

On the ecological aspect, the low power consumption of the Synology DS1511+ makes it a "green-IT" product. There are also plenty of features, such as the built-in FTP server, which is an addition to the already abundant applications. With additional expansion units, the NAS server's capacity can scale up to 45TB. The large capacity is able to take in the rapid increasing medical data volume. Also, the Synology DS1511+ offers a simple and intuitive administration system which minimizes maintenance and administration efforts.

Recommended Models

  • DS1511+

Recommended Features

  • FTP server
  • Hot-swappable drives & Link Aggregation
  • Data backup
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