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Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan Art & Culture Limited Company

DS1010+ meets the needs of now and future. Its high performance not only saves operating costs, the scalability and the continuous system upgrade releases have all proved itself a superb must-have. Mr. Huang, Ke-Lung, Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan Special Assistant

The Company

Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan was founded in autumn, 1993. It aims at promoting Taiwanese ceramic and sculptures creation, providing sufficient space for local artists to display their works. The gallery holds an extensive record of work from contemporary Taiwanese artists. It also holds regular art exhibitions and cross-cultural exchanges every year to support the ceramic and sculptures education, introducing new ideas and inspirations for local artists.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the industry, the daily work in Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan involves generating large amount of computer images and digital art works. Art designers often face shortage of storage space in their PC hard drive when producing massive posters, brochures, or art books. Staff must delete the old works or replace the hard drive with a bigger one to make room for saving new works. Furthermore, the gallery hosts their website and uses the mail service through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), creating extra leasing fees monthly. While the gallery tried to cut down on leasing fee by applying only two public email accounts for business use, employees often complained about the inconvenience in locating and managing emails.

The Solution

It was the reasonable price and vast storage space that first got us interested in Synology products, " said Mr. Huang, Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan Special Assistant, who is also in charge of the gallery's network and IT settings. Synology DiskStation series not only provides sufficient storage space for data managing, it also saves the cost of web hosting and E-mail service. After thorough evaluation, the company bought DiskStation DS1010+ to begin a multi-faceted integration.

The Benefits

Web Hosting

The built-in Web Station in DiskStation DS1010+ provided Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan a complete web-hosting platform. Not only does the website operate smoothly with its Flash setting and PHP database, the network accessing speed is also satisfying. '' Renting a web-hosting space with ISP results in wasting 99% of the quota, along with its joint costs, '' Mr. Huang explained, '' but all these can be avoided with Web Station, which is truly a bliss during the economic downturn. ''

E-Mail Sever

After adapting Synology Mail Station package, more than 10 employees within the gallery now have their own email account for sending and receiving mails. Mr. Huang said, '' we praise highly for the excellent speed and stability of Mail Station. What's more, all employees now can manage their mails much easier. ''

High Scalability and File Sharing

In order to solve the storage shortage problem once and for all, DiskStation DS1010+ provides five hard drives space for data storage, indicating the maximum capacity at 10TB. And through File Station 3 and network drives mapping functions, USB storage device is no longer a necessity when staffs exchange large artwork files. What's more, Synology DiskStation Manager's flexible storage capacity allowed Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan capable of distributing storage space according to the need of employees, a function which the gallery addressed with high praises.

Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan also hopes it can use DiskStation DS1010+'s built-in FTP feature to transfer files with its partners in the future. '' No need to load brochures and posters designs in disks and sent it to print shops in the future, '' Mr. Huang expressed.

With the development of business scope, Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan is planning to set up a new site. Mr. Huang has high hopes for DS1010+ for smooth data exchanges between sites. '' DS1010+ meets the needs of now and future. Its high performance not only saves operating costs, the scalability and the continuous system upgrade releases have all proved itself a superb must-have. '' Mr. Huang commented.

Recommended Models

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Recommended Features

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  • Mail Station
  • File Station
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