bardini+keller ag

The FS3017 is fast and reliable and allows our employees to work productively throughout the day. Erich Stadler - CEO, bardini+keller ag

The Company

Founded in 1958, bardini + keller ag is an innovative company from Switzerland specializing in the trade of fresh fruits and vegetables from around 16 EU countries across all continents. The close co-operation with the producers plus the on-site inspections guarantees trustworthy products. A regular monitoring of food safety is of course essential and plays a crucial role. Due to precise logistics, the products are delivered to customers (food retailers, wholesalers or processors) in a very short time. The main sales markets besides Switzerland are Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. All customers are centrally managed from Switzerland.

The Challenge

The main challenge for bardini + keller ag is the digital transformation. To be able to remain agile on the market, all business activities, i.e. digitization of all documents, have to be mainly depicted in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform based on SAP B1. In order for this digital strategy to reflect business success, a central platform for data lifecycle management is indispensable. In addition to a high-performance ERP platform on the software side, the underlying hardware has to meet the extremely high performance requirements as well. Only this way can the company generate an annual double-digit million (CHF) turnover on average. The solution must meet the new regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and all company-critical data must be accessible from anywhere, so that the employees can access data at both the main location in Switzerland and the regional producer.

The Solution

Short latencies and random IOPS are the curse of an ordinary storage system. The FlashStation FS3017, however, with its incredibly powerful 200,000 4K Random Write IOPS, is just the opposite and is used as a central element for data lifecycle management. The performance of the storage system is the decisive factor for a high-performance ERP platform based on SAP B1 including Microsoft SQL Server, which is virtualised with Citrix XenServer. The central memory connection is made via iSCSI and SMB over TCP / IP (file storage).

The integrated snapshot and replication application creates offsite backup copies on another Synology NAS, the DS710 +, ensuring near instant data protection. This scenario makes sure, that the data in the shares & iSCSI LUNs remain available even in case of a disaster. For a even better protection, the data are also backed up to external medias on the offsite servers. In addition, the DSM provides all operations for a trouble-free business process and ensures this in the long term.

The Benefits

High Performance

The FlashStation FS3017 is the decisive factor for a high-performance enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform based on SAP B1 and Microsoft SQL Server. Depending on the future needs, this solution can be further scaled, as the FS3017 can be upgraded to 512 GB RAM and the data storage can be expanded to 72 SSDs / HDDs.

Versatile Functionality 

Synology DSM provides all operations for an efficient data lifecycle management and the FS3017 allows data to be deployed to all systems without complicated setup. The parallel use as iSCSI storage and central file server is particularly important and makes this system a crucial component of the company‘s success. 

Lower Capex and Opex 

The company received from Synology an excellent price / performance ratio solution, which has proved to be highly reliable. The combination of the FlashStation FS3017 with Synology DSM allows small businesses to purchase a high-performance storage system and thanks to the versatile automation functions, the capital input for operation and maintenance remains low.

This project was successfully carried out in association with: Conitrade AG

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Recommended Features

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  • Storage Virtualization
  • Snapshot Replication
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