All Pop Art

The amount of features that the Synology NAS includes...has helped us to decrease our downtime and increase our productivity. Alberto Sánchez, CTO

The Company

In 2003 Ana Sanchez and Assi Glikshtein joined their lives in marriage and in incorporation. The duo launched All Pop Art as a means to offer affordable and unique art pieces based on customers' photographs. The business began in their apartment with Ana and Assi as the entire company.

When Oprah Winfrey featured one of their designs in her magazine, the company quickly grew. The company has now expanded to a staff of twenty-two, with employees and designers both on site and off.

All Pop Art allows customers to have photos turned into art. Their team of illustrators metamorphoses the photos using the art style of the customer's choosing from Warhol to Lichtenstein, and more. Once the customer approves the design, the artist will proceed with the transformation.

The Challenge

In order to work well with their employees and designers, they needed a solution that offered file-sharing for both Windows and Mac computers. They needed to offer access for their remote assets quickly and easily.

They also would need to interoperate with their UPS to shutdown gracefully in the event of power outage. To further protect their critical data, it needed to support the ability to perform remote backups.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) had the functionality, but was difficult to manage. The design studio needed to find a replacement.

The Solution

Ana found that Synology offered a solution to their problems. The DS409+ offered them improved speed of access to their files for both Mac and Windows workstations. The DiskStation also offered them a friendly interface that didn't require a dedicated IT staff.

"My designers save all their files to the Synology, and customer service and printing retrieve them from there,"said Ana, the president of "That´s in addition to all the other office files. We used to have a Windows SBS but Synology is sooo much better, there is no comparison. We are 22 people and it works flawlessly."

"I also have it hooked up to a UPS for when we have power outages, which here in Florida is common," says Ana. "Additionally, I have a DS209+II at home and I do daily backups between the office and home, so since then, I can sleep at night. With the Windows server, backups where a major headache."

Beyond this was the necessity that the replacement be backed up by the provider. Synology offers them additional value in their renowned support.

"The amount of features that the Synology NAS includes, along with its powerful security, intuitive new web interface and fast throughput, has helped us to decrease our downtime and increase our productivity," says CTO Alberto Sánchez. "Installation comes as close to a ‘set it and forget it' as it can get. Synology's Technical Support is another huge pro for these systems. Whenever we've had an issue, Synology's team has responded within 24 hours and gotten hands on to resolve the issue. I cannot imagine that ever happening with a Windows system-at least not without paying a steep price."

All Pop Art continues in their mission to bring striking, unique artwork to their customers. They are fiercely and justly proud of the satisfaction they bring their clients.

Recommended Models

  • DS411+

Recommended Features

  • Cross Platform Sharing
  • Simple Remote Access
  • Interoperability with UPS
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