Albertine-Scherer-Grundschule Birkenheide

Teachers have the DS412 + has a simple-to-use data storage, partially sensitive information they can safely and comfortably get from home via VPN also. Young and old teachers can so now work easily and more effectively, and above all their digital educational content for learning programs and digital panel paintings deploy from home easy for the next few days of classes in conjunction with interactive whiteboards offers the DiskStation from Synology many convenient functions to network media and educational content better -. is easy to always easy and extremely cost-effective alternative to expensive servers. Andreas Blättner, media skills trainer for elementary schools and teachers at the elementary school Albertine Clipper Birkenheide

The Company

The Albertine Clipper elementary school Birkenheide counts around 120 students and 8 to 10 teachers. All eight class rooms are networked over a LAN to a switch, students netbooks via wireless access points and also attached thereto. Each room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard company Smart Technologies. In addition, the school places as a special school SINUS scientific focus in her work and is involved in the "DIMIG transfer - Media Literacy @ elementary school" connected (DIMIG = Digital Media in elementary school). As part of the transfer project DIMIG teachers of neighboring schools in different areas of the media are trained. Moreover, the aim is to develop the most efficient use of media concepts that can be used cost, easy to use and effective.

Meanwhile, could the school that recently received the award for "Mint friendly" school, gain important partners in the media to develop media concepts and assist in the development of hardware and software, and bring improvements.

The Challenge

Important in everyday work for the teachers of the school is to work together to store data (such panel images for the interactive whiteboards) to manage them and the school alike to easily retrieve such from home can - whether young, old or new teacher . In addition, the central system should be easy to administer, so that no external forces and costly need to be consulted.

Another important consideration is the security of data. Through easy-to-use rights systems should teachers and students in different folders and each data access with read only or read-write privileges.

In addition, it should be possible, networked learning software (eg the learning workshop 8) to, can use easily.

The Solution

All requests were met by the implementation of the DS412 + in the network and even exceeded.

With Disk Station Manager provides a simple graphical user interface. Additional features, such as VPN deployment are simply downloaded from the "package center", similar to an app on the phone, and are easy to configure thanks to the simple menu selections and an extensive help menu.

The creation of different users, and this grouping is to act on the good structure of the control system easily, just setting up folders and granting rights over the "File Station". Remarkably, all functions can be operated even from home via a secure VPN connection as easily. The Synology provided free DDNS service is very reliable and is furnished jiffy. Even the highly functional audio station (part of the comprehensive package center) can be controlled from anywhere. Teachers are so fast desired audio files and the playback position is saved separately for each access.

The panels were previously using a USB stick made by teachers from home to school. This transfer is now done directly from your home computer in the school.

Another highlight: Not only does the "learning workshop 8" their data perfectly centrally on the NAS stores and by every teacher and student computers can be accessed, the teachers can even from home next exercises (for example, typing learning words) for provide convenient day.

By the two LAN ports on the DS412 + also ensures that all eight interactive whiteboards can quickly and rapidly retrieve content as fast as the student netbooks. The DS412 + has become a powerful heart of the pedagogical university network and has many other interesting uses (own mail server, private cloud solution, web hosting, etc.), which are perhaps even more integrated into the school system.

The Benefits

Teachers can work more quickly and effectively. Some lesson plans, the school as needed during breaks or take place immediately following the lessons can now be easily done in the afternoon or evening, from home (for example, the MFC of new learning words in the "learning workshop"). The teachers can now more easily manage interactive panel paintings and colleagues provide, or with materials available on the NAS at home in peace to prepare for the next lessons.

The purchase of an expensive school server is eliminated. Anything can even be serviced and adjusted, all the functions of a server (and more) are available. For small and medium primary schools, the system is an excellent solution for the intra-school networking.

Recommended Models

  • DS412+

Recommended Features

  • Extensive permission system for users / groups
  • VPN access
  • Audio Station
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