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Academic Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V.

By using the Synology DS213 + we solved several problems with one single device. Pascal Large

The Company

The Academic Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V. - short Akaflieg Stuttgart - is a student association at the University of Stuttgart with an average of 25 active and about 150 passive members. We are aiming to be scientifically active in the field of small aircraft and will so give trainee engineers the opportunity already during their studies to practice practical applications of theoretical approached topics.

Over the 87-year-old history of the association so some innovative approaches have been realized. For example, already in 1957, the first glider was created that was built from a completely fiber-reinforced plastic construction or in 1971 the first and since the only glider, whose wingspan could be changed in flight.

With almost 23,000 students and an independent Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics the University of Stuttgart offers here ideal conditions for our work. Despite all of the work our members are pleased about the possibility to acquire the pilot's license for gliders for free and then be able to fly hundreds of miles without an engine, driven only by thermal.

The Challenge

Because of the required proofs of compliance for government institutions such as the Federal Aviation Authority as well as because of the growing 3D models, calculations and construction documentation it is necessary to expand or replace our existing Debian File Server (SCSI drives) because the available space is not sufficient anymore. It should be noted that the file server is part of a Windows Active Directories and also should stay as a part of it. Especially during summer time, due to the high heat generation of the four operating servers and the poor heat dissipation system failures occur over and over again.

Especially in the summer months system failures occure repeatedly also due to the high heat of the four operating servers and the poor heat dissipation. These failures have led to delays in construction because construction drawings could not be completed on time.

Due to the limited resources of a student association, it was necessary to find a cost-effective solution for expanding the storage space as well as the aforementioned heat problem. Ideally the existing server systems can be consolidated by a single energy efficient device, and the expansion of the file server can be done with low-cost SATA hard drives

The Solution

In discussion of different expensive solutions a Synology NAS was recommended to one of our members. After a short search it was clear that the Akaflieg Stuttgart will replace the Debian file server through the cost-effective Synology DS213 + with comparatively inexpensive SATA disks. In addition, a previously operated server which mainly served to back up data, to provide association specific web applications and to serve as a directory server for the member management, was rationalized due to the aforementioned problem of heat generation. Therefor the DS213 + additionally takes over the nightly backup to a USB 3.0 hard drive which gets substituted periodically, and provides the LDAP directory service for our membership database.

The Benefits

Teachers can work more quickly and effectively. Some lesson plans, the school as needed during breaks or take place immediately following the lessons can now be easily done in the afternoon or evening, from home (for example, the MFC of new learning words in the "learning workshop"). The teachers can now more easily manage interactive panel paintings and colleagues provide, or with materials available on the NAS at home in peace to prepare for the next lessons.

Thanks to the speedy dual-core CPU with 1.067GHz and more than sufficient 512MB of RAM this powerhouse still has sufficient reserves to be able to provide additional services in future to our members. Thanks to hundreds of available extensions for DSM via the integrated package management module cloud or an image manager are breezes.

Recommended Models

  • DS213+

Recommended Features

  • Active Directory Integration
  • LDAP directory server
  • Backup to USB 3.0
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