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Synology® Announces the Winners of DSM 3.2 Beta Reward Program

Taipei, Taiwan—September 20, 2011—Synology® Inc. today announced DiskStation users W. Meijers, P. Haeflinger, and an user from Belgium are the top three winners of the DSM 3.2 beta reward program, an organized event by Synology that encouraged DiskStation users to participate in the beta and provide feedbacks to help create the best NAS server experience. With the record number of more than 60,000 downloads in just 40 days, the top three winners provided invaluable suggestions and all expressed their excitement and views on Synology DSM 3.2.

Winner from Belgium said, “When the new DSM 3.2 beta was announced, I immediately signed up for it. Synology listens to their customers from around the world as I experienced a couple issues during my extensive testing, and these problems were addressed and discussed by the support team from Synology within the next 24 hours in the most professional way. The Synology DSM is the most user-friendly interface I have seen for a NAS, and the latest DSM 3.2 adds excellent new multimedia features with new methods to index directories and images. As I introduced Synology to friends who own competitor brands of NAS, they were blown away by its simplicity and features. Synology is my first choice for a NAS, and the next DSM version will certainly be better and better!”

W. Meijers from Netherlands expressed, “The main reason I decided to try DSM 3.2 beta is that I recently upgraded my MacBook® Pro to Mac OS® X Lion and needed the new Time Machine® support for Lion. I have been very impressed with the stability of DSM 3.2 beta on my DS1511+, where most functions have worked flawlessly from day one and the user interface is a pleasure to work with. But I am even more impressed with the customer support from Synology that offers top notch remote assistance. The received help is very much appreciated. Congratulations on a great product!”

P. Haeflinger from France commented, “Synology has demonstrated once again with this DSM 3.2 beta program that they are actively listening to their customers by delivering high quality software with the always more interesting features like mobile applications and Package Center, a brand new package manager that provides greater flexibility to users by adding more functionalities like VPN and Syslog Server, LDAP integration, and many more.”


Synology DSM 3.2 is free to download for users who own DiskStation x08 series and onward.

Supported models are:

DS3611xs, RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs, DS2411+, RS2211+, RS2211RP+, DS1511+, RS411, DS411+II, DS411+, DS411, DS411j, DS411slim, DS211+, DS211, DS211j, DS111, DS1010+, RS810+, RS810RP+, DS410, DS410j, DS710+, DS210+, DS210j, DS110+, DS110j, DS509+, RS409+, RS409RP+, RS409, DS409+, DS409, DS209+II, DS209+, DS209, DS209j, DS109+, DS109, DS109j, DS409slim, RS408, RS408-RP, DS508, DS408, DS108j

The download is available at

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