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Experience a Better Cloud With the New Synology® DS115j

The perfect blend of versatility and affordability

Washington, Bellevue—September 4nd, 2014—Synology America Corp. is pleased to announce the DS115j, the most economical Network Attached Storage (NAS) device in its expansive range of products. This single bay unit takes full advantage of Synology's award winning DiskStation Manager (DSM), the same OS that runs on all Synology hardware. Combined, the DS115j and DSM offer an outstanding degree of versatility, with numerous ways to save, and share content either at home, in the office, or on the go.

Small and versatile: The DS115j is a full-featured NAS. That makes it perfect for: organizing and sharing photos using Photo Station, streaming video to DLNA compliant devices with Media Server, and play-listing audio in Audio Station. Furthermore all stored content can be accessed through Synology's diverse range of mobile apps on Android, iOS, or Windows Phones. NAS is all about accessible content wherever there is a data connection. Which means, no more juggling USB sticks or being chained to a desk for access to important data.

Building a better cloud: The DS115j comes complete with Cloud Station, a powerful way to manage, share, and sync data across a multitude of devices. It's an easy and private cloud solution that operates without the costs frequently associated with the public cloud.

Cloud Station, backup for every device: Backup is easily one of the most important uses for external storage. With Cloud Station and the DS115j, backing up becomes easy. Cloud Station provides a solution that is instant, comes with nominal bandwidth overhead, and retains a 32-version history for each file, file-type and folder selected. It makes even accidental deletion a minimal concern.

Sync the public cloud with Cloud Sync: These days, it is common to have data in various locations on the Internet. Cloud Sync enables users to sync DropBox and GoogleDrive contents to their DS115j. Making it a convenient way to backup those valuable items that are kept in the public cloud.

Additional Features:

  • Supports speeds over 100MB/s read and 60MB/s write
  • Built in floating-point processor for swift media previews
  • Innate power efficiency; consuming just 3.85 Watts in hibernation
  • Two USB 2.0 ports to easily make external devices network accessible

"The DS115j is an excellent solution for users who want the versatility of storage in a highly affordable, single-bay unit, while providing the value of Synology's DSM OS." said Thadd Weil, Public Relations Specialist with Synology America. "It's a powerful way to keep your data with you, without having to stay locked to one location, or juggle a multitude of devices. Anyone new to Synology will get a lot of use out of the DS115j."


The DS115j is shipping now, and will be available in the United States shortly. Please visit for further details.