“Our consultants are always seeking out opportunities to leverage the most innovative technology in the market in order to make our client’s businesses more productive and more profitable.” Wayne Roye, a 20-year IT veteran and CEO of Troinet

A Empresa

As an IT consulting organization, Troinet works with a diverse array of clients across a range of industries and sectors. From healthcare and financial services to non-profits and educational institutions, each client has a particular challenge that they are looking to solve via technology. Whether it's a security assessment or building a custom network, it's the job of the IT consultants at Troinet to stay current with the latest solutions to help their clients meet their business objectives.

O Desafio

One of Troinet's clients is a K-8 Charter School based in Hempstead, New York. In 2014, the school's administration was in search of a new networked video recording and monitoring solution that could centrally manage close to 150 security cameras positioned around its campus. Recognizing just how quickly technology changes, the school required a flexible system that could easily scale to add more cameras as needed and provide supplementary viewing options for its active security force. From a compliance perspective, the university also needed a cost-effective, integrated system that was capable of long-term video retention. All-in-all, the school needed to provide comprehensive video coverage of close to 90,000 square feet of interior and exterior building space – and do so without breaking a tight budget.

A solução

In the spring of 2014, Troinet began to research potential solutions for their client. Their consultants evaluated networked video recording (NVR) systems from established vendors such as Axis, Arecont, and Digital Watchdog. However, few of the solutions met all of the defined requirements. Mr. Roye was already familiar with Synology as Troinet was an existing partner and he was pleased to learn that Synology offered a surveillance solution while attending a local partner event.

Says Mr. Roye, "We were looking to find a solution that balanced cost, depth of features, and flexibility. There were a few essential requirements such as the ability to quickly add more cameras to the network, integrated storage as opposed to file archiving, along with a centralized console to manage all of the networked video recorders. Synology was the only vendor that we evaluated to meet all of these criteria."

Os Benefícios

Once Troinet and their client settled on Synology as their vendor of choice, they next had to figure out which set of Synology products would best meet their defined requirements. The Troinet consultants ended up selecting two separate solutions to work in conjunction with one another: Two RackStation RS2414RP+ NAS servers featuring 10 WD Enterprise Class 3TB HDD's alongside one RackStation RS3614xs+ with 10 WD Enterprise Class 3TB HDD's. The combined NAS setup would be optimized for performance, reliability, and data protection, providing their client with more than 3 months of video retention and the ability of viewing the cameras remotely via Synology's mobile apps. Return on investment was another consideration for Troinet and their client. Roye continues, "we surveyed other NVR solutions and calculated the costs of storage against the required product specifications. Synology beat all of them.

This was especially true from a long-term storage perspective since most of the other solutions are fixed units with fixed storage. This means that for a long term storage solution, a network attached storage unit would also need to be purchased. Synology solved that issue by combining cost efficient storage with a practical and flexible monitoring solution."

Modelos recomendados

  • RS3614xs+
  • RS2414RP+

Recusos recomendados

  • Manage over 70 different IP Camera brands from a single console
  • View IP cameras from a mobile device
  • Increase video retention with storage scalability
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