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Synology Disk Station DS-106e starts shipping

Taipei, Taiwan - April 07, 2006

Synology Disk Station has been a prevailing product series since the first IDE hard-drive model, DS-101, hit the market in 2004. In 2005, the 2nd generation IDE model, DS-101j, continued to serve the market with reliable functions and affordable price. Around the same time, the 1st generation SATA hard-drive model, DS-101g+, was announced and started to serve the users with gigabit LAN speed demand. With the rich features and outstanding performance, DS-101g+ has received worldwide magazine awards and positive user comments. In 2006, the highly anticipated new SATA model, DS-106e, has started shipping on April 07, 2006.

DS-106e is designed as a PC server alternative. In addition to the well-famed features of DS-101g+ like Web Station with PHP+MySQL support, File Server, Printer Server, Backup Server, FTP Server, Photo Station, the following new features are added:

  1. Multimedia Server: Stream your favorite movies, photos, songs from our DS-106e using your Digital Media Adapter.
  2. Download Station: Tired of waiting endlessly in front of your PC? Download BT, HTTP, FTP Internet files continuously without PC being turned on. Try out Download Station to free your PC!

Apart from the new features, the data transfer performance has also greatly improved. The single file FTP download speed could reach 35.50 MBytes/sec, and Samba download to 24.00 MBytes/sec.