Jetstar Pacific Airlines

We are very satisfied with Synology products, and especially with the Hyper Backup package that provides a cost-effective backup solution which can drastically reduce required storage, while preserving as many recovery points as needed. Tam Le, Head of IT, Jetstar Pacific Airlines Aviation J.S.C.

The Company

Jetstar Pacific is a part of the Jetstar Group, a value based, low fares network of airlines operating in the leisure and value based markets. Jetstar Pacific first took to the skies in May 2008. Jetstar Pacific currently operates more than 700 weekly flights to 21 destinations both domestic and international.

The Challenge

One of the greatest challenges IT professionals in the aviation industry are facing is the need to effectively protect business-critical information, such as customer database, flight operations, ground operations, and particularly the growing amount of data stored on distributed desktops and laptops. 

Most of Jetstar Pacific's existing storage management and backup solutions, such as Windows file server, are in lack of easy recovery tools. Finding an effective and reliable data backup and recovery solution for computers and servers was critical for their IT admins.

The Solution

Cloud Station Backup: Real-time and multi-version PC backup 

Jetstar Pacific adopted Synology Cloud Station Backup to replace SFTP and Windows file server due to their lack of support for real-time backup. The data stored on their distributed desktops and laptops can be automatically backed up to the Synology RS3614xs+ in real time. Employees can also significantly reduce the cost associated with data loss by quickly restoring their files from the Cloud Station Backup client software directly to their PCs and laptops, without the help from an IT professional. 

Hyper Backup: Highly-efficient and reliable backup solution 

With incremental backup and cross-version deduplication, Synology Hyper Backup provides a cost-effective backup solution for Jetstar Pacific that minimizes the storage required for backing up data in multiple versions. And with the support of various backup destinations, this allows their head office's primary RS3614xs+ to be backed up to a secondary RS2416+ NAS server via their internal network. As an additional layer of data protection, Jetstar Pacific also deployed a remote RS3617xs+ to be the backup destination of their primary server in case of any unexpected disasters at the head office. Jetstar Pacific no longer depends on a solution built from multiple brands. 

With Synology, they can now guarantee the smooth operation and effectiveness of the backup and recovery of their precious data.

Recommended Models

  • RS3617xs+
  • RS3614xs+
  • RS2416+

Recommended Features

  • Cloud Station Backup provides real-time backup and easy recovery between PCs and NAS
  • Hyper Backup supports incremental backup and cross-version deduplication to optimize storage utilization
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